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#120829 (Sorry about not posting, haven't had much time!)

As I rest my head, I am immediately swept away into a white pane of existence. In front of me sits a silhouette of myself, only noticeable by the silver outline. Staring into me with it's nonexistent eyes, the white figure speaks out to me.
"I can make you strong. I can teach you the ways of your Ancestors. It will merely take a sacrifice on your behalf. This power, however, might help you save your mother from the Tainted Ones."
"What must I sacrifice?" I asked.
"Nothing as big as your life or anyone else's, just step through that door behind you and I will begin judgement." As he says this, I notice a giant pair of black doors, trimmed with gold. Taking a risk, I open them, only to see a massive black surface, which sends out arms of darkness to grab me. The last thing I remember of it are the eyes looking at me, judging my self-worth.

After what seemed like eternity, I appear again in front of the Truth.
"Have you found your sacrifice... Fitting?" He says, calmly, with a smirk on his face. Something was different about him, which I didn't notice immediately. He now had a human arm attached to his silhouette, aswell as a leg. His shape was mixing a body with his previous one... It took me a moment to realize those limbs were mine. Replaced in their sockets were mechanical replacements, with the occasional Alchemical Circle.
"No... No, no no! Why?" I complained.
"Limbs aren't necessary to survival, or even alchemy. Now, we must begin with teaching you. Put your hands together, as if you are praying. Then focus your energy to your hands. Open them now."
As I separated my hands, a web of lightning appeared, like spider silk attached to my hands.
"You don't only have to focus on Storms." He placed his hand on the ground and the floor turned into solid stone. "Do the same as before, but keep your energy inside your hands. Then touch the rock floor with each palm. Once done, pice what you wish to create." Following his orders, I put my hands on the ground and imagined a giant fist to my right. When I turned to look, there it was. However, the ground felt weaker, somehow less solid.
"You must remember that Alchemy must follow the Laws of Equivalent Exchange. What you create, you must spend. To make that hand, you were forced to loosen the surface, sparing as many atoms as you could to keep the floor solid while making your construct. It is more noticeable with metal, but this is fine. Your next lesson will be defensive. Draw a circle on the ground with the edge of your finger, then make five points on it, each equidistant from each other. Then form a line for each one at 30 degrees in the right direction, if a line from the center is zero degrees. Once done, stand in the center."
Following his orders, I proceed to draw out the complex figure. As soon as I step inside, a ball of energy is created by the Truth and shot towards me. Luckily, my circle stopped it, I almost a force field style.
"That is the Protection Circle Spell. For your last lesson, you will make a Storm Construct. Only you can make this, as it is your element. First, bring a host of sorts. Perhaps a pile of rocks with pieces that resemble limbs or features. Even a dead body will work. Then, use your own blood to draw a small circle on what you wish to be the chest of the construct. Make an Eight pointed star within the circle, it's points touching the rim. Now, focus your energy into it."
Again, I followed his instructions. A small tornado appeared,followed by sparks and crackles. Soon enough, my test dummy started to float, with swirling bits of storms circling where it's joints would be, as well. as a small aura around the limbs.
"You make return to the Human World." The Truth stated, as I began to awaken.

"You alright?" Chris asked.
"I'm fine... Is my arm still-" I began, only to notice my mechanical right arm.
"Yeah, your leg is the same way. I wasn't as lucky when I had to sacrifice my body. To out it simply, my joints are that of an old man. I can barely walk, let alone run." Chris explained. "Don't forget, Steven had to sacrifice his ability to hear."
Practicing what I was taught, I was able to summon several strands of lightning.
"Who are we picking up anyways?" I asked.
"This one kid named Deus. I think you can see him up ahead, over on that curb. Steven'll get us to him. Then we've got a kid named Harry to pick up." Chris explained.

(Sorry for the long one :/)

By 1Charak2
#120860 (my turn for a long one)
I Lay Day dreaming on the curb I felt a strange tingling in my body. Silver filled my vision as i was cast into a blacksmiths room.
"hello Boy" said a Gruff old Voice. Shielding my eyes as i expected it to be the harsh glare of the truth i turned to face the voice
"take your arm away from your eyes boy i not that false prophet".i removed my arm from my eyes Sitting in a chair Was the Blacksmith.

his eyes where solid with wisdom his hair was white and short but his face appeared normal like a human.
"what do you mean false Prophet" I ask looking into his eyes.
the man begun to speak "the false prophet Aka The Truth Presents himself to others as a god. he is nothing of the sort hes more devil then angel.
he created the tainted to test mankind. he likes to play games with people. the savior was a man who the whole world trusted but akin he was corrupted with power. and later destroyed once the truth had became bored of him. but the spirit of the earth angry at this betrayal bestowed knowledge and the ability to control metal on the saviors best friend". I look at him "that was you wasn't it" i ask "yes i was that man I dedicated my life to making sure the shards of the savior where giving to family's that i thought would not be corrupted so easily. i was wrong as soon as the truth appeared they hailed him as a god I died my work incomplete
while the truth takes back the elements from the family by giving them the ability to control their powers more. some may lose their hearing or their arms or limbs.
but the result is always the same".

"what is your name" i ask the Blacksmith who had spoken.
"its Prometheus" the man said
"like the Prometheus of legend the one punished by Said god for giving knowledge to man" i reply
"the very same the truth would hunt me wherever i went" the man said. He began to finish the story "now It is seen by yourself that you don't need the false prophet to control your powers you took down a hunter tainted without help. that is brave in itself. but everyone has a weakness and yours is your fear of death" his voice became a more solemn tone
"your parents died protecting you from the false prophets tainted your mother ran away into a ally with you at the age of 5 while your father died that very night when the tainted raided your house". i remember now "your mother died the night after protecting you she hid you away until this day" his voice cheered up a tiny bit "but i would not worry the power of metal is a rare gift its appears once in a 1000 years. however the truth will do anything to kill you absolute anything now i must leave you i will return later"

i wake up as a hand extends to pick me up. i grab it standing on my feet. i walk into the van With renewed vigor i will. stop the truth and his games.
By NinjaBoss315
#120930 I decide to go into the front of the van, allowing some space for Chris to help the new Alchemist. Getting bored, I look at Steven, our blind chauffeur, only to notice something odd about him. His eyes were white, with an alchemical ring around his pupil instead of an iris.
"What's on your eyes?" I asked him, curious.
"You know how the Truth took my vision to give me power? Well, the circles on my eyes give me the ability to see souls. It's a gift of Prometheus, but also a curse. Every time I see a soul, I am remembered of my disability putting my at a weakness to foes. However, I am able to see those surrounding me, sometimes giving me the chance to dodge attacks."
"Isn't Prometheus... Evil?"
"That's a dramatic way of putting it. He gave the knowledge of basic Alchemy to humans, while the Truth gave Advanced. Alchemists of the Arcane Society can chose a particular path, the Truth or Prometheus. After being blinded by the Truth, I asked Prometheus for help, and this is what he gave me. However, Prometheus is all about creating, which can sometimes break the laws of Equivalent Exchange. Let's say he wants to create Gold. With enough power, he can have infinite wealth, which hurts the world more than he gains from it. "
"Then where did the Taint come from?"
"That topic is just a conspiracy. Nobody created it. There are two wolves inside of us, constantly fighting, Saint and Taint. The way they grow strong are by you 'feeding' them. The Truth, following Equivalent Exchange, uses the power of Saint to create Power for the Alchemist. Sometimes this is avoided by sacrificing limbs or abilities. Those who are too selfish to get rid of there body sacrifice the Saint's built up energy, which allows the Taint to get free. This concludes to saying the Taint are released mostly from the creation of the more powerful Alchemists, who didn't sacrifice physical/mental features."
By 1Charak2
#120940 (now its interesting)
(i want Prometheus to be a more hidden character... but oh well also he exchanges metel which is gaias strongest power... but now we have a deity argument o this is fun the truth is the devil though and a lier btw... so whos the true savoir :0)

overhearing their conversation i begin to wonder in the depths of mind who promethus is.
I hear his voice again "judging me are you boy I thought more of you". you gave that man sight i retort back
"no not me my twin. my soul was split into two half's by the truth the good side and the Evil one that mans eyes are hexagram because of my brother i don't give others power that is not my ways"
tell me more about this balance i ask.

"that man put it way too simple its more then just saint and taint its more of a harmony of elements with light and dark connecting like a interning thread when one uses a element they affect the stream. however..." he stops mid sentence as reality flickers for a sec.

i am in a white room with a black door... "hello" says the truth
what do you want with me i say starting into the white void
"oh its just that you have been speaking to the wrong people lad" it says joyfully
"how bout you go through that door so you can use alchemy"
you killed my parents i say in a angry tone.
"oh them They listened to the wrong person my boy They had to be put down or they would trouble me and the stream"
The door opens like a black abyss as dark hands shoot out trying to grab me
"now accept your fate boy and worship me"
No I refuse *the hands pull me harder into the door but i resist with all my strength
*the hands release me*

"oh you are a troubling one an't you Ill be back" the truth says Smiling "and if you don't compromise when im back maybe the taint will find you as well..."

i wake up in the van sweat pouring down my brow as i walk towards the other boy in their
So i say to him What Do you think about the truth...
By NinjaBoss315
#120954 "I've barely met him, but he seems fair. To gain power, sacrifices must be made. Steven just finished telling me about the two 'Deities'. The two spirits inside everyone, Saint and Taint, seem logical. If you constantly feed Saint, the good one, without burning some of it's power, it will grow strong enough to leave you, leaving a seed in you. However, this also makes Taint the stronger of the two, allowing it to prosper. Before the Truth gave us proper Alchemy, this process had gone through it's phases for centuries. Prometheus, on the other hand, is the one to give us Basic Alchemy. I assume, since you don't appear to be missing anything, you rejected the Truth. Your report says your father was a master in Metalic Alchemy? Since you denied the ways of Proper Alchemy, you can't... Ah... 'Expertise' in it. Don't blame the Taint on the Truth, as he doesn't make it. We do. Humans in general are a factory for it. Taint can only, truly, thrive if it is from an Alchemist, or someone capable of Alchemy. There is no negative in either deity, Truth or Prometheus. Prometheus, the Clay Lord, stole the Truth's knowledge and gave it to us Alchemists. This means, technically, Prometheus created the Taint." I say, confidently.

"Excuse me," Steven starts, clearing his throat, "We've arrived, and there looks like a Tainted Soul approaching the Young Alchemist. Time for your first fight." After finishing, Chris quickly teaches me how to summon an Elemental Blade, giving an Iron Shortsword to Deus, as he doesn't have access to Proper Alchemy.
By 1Charak2
#121015 my parents never used alchemy they where normal people.
Prometheus is a blacksmith a archtype of metal. he never used clay you got the wrong man. and i am more then capable of advanced alchemy

the sword splits in shards. i follow by your laws of equivalent exchange I don't make metal or destroy just change its shape. and i will kill the truth he already tried to kill me once. the tainted was of the hellguard it had large plates covering its body like armor. i look at the boy who controls the stroms is weak against lighting concentrate all your energy of the forehead

(ps i just want to make a list of the tainted species lol ...)
By 1Charak2
NinjaBoss315 wrote:(I think you are slightly confused with how the Alchemy thing works. The Truth created all Alchemy. Prometheus stole Basic Alchemy. You can only learn Advanced Alchemy via the Truth.)

quote I do understand how it works the truth created the abilty to harness the natural elements via advanced alchemy and control. but in my opinion it uses this for its evil desires.

and Prometheus Uses Metal which is a rare form of the alchemist abilites appearing only once in a 1000 years normal of the bloodline
Prometheus was around about the same time as the savoir while you refereed to him as a godlike detail akin to the biblical satan he is in fact a misunderstood human being but the views of him was twisted by the truth
he believes that in training but in limitation one can use all power of alchemy without sacrificing things given to us by the spirit of the earth gaia

its because of these limitations its seen as a undevolped "basic" form of alchemy

while the truth add a short cut to advanced alchemy by limiting the taint build up allowing more complex feats

so yea thats my view of it...

( i really want to list the taint species as they are dependent of the person they originated from)
By NinjaBoss315
#121074 (I'm not quite sure of how this all works to you. The Truth isn't evil, only fair. Prometheus' apparent "goal" for himself is to create without payment. It's practically saying that you can hail a cab and have it drive you around the country, without you having to pay the fare. Prometheus isn't a God, either. He is a thief, a cultist, bringing people to his cause. It isn't that he made Alchemy, neither did Gaia give it to mortals. The Truth had all knowledge of Alchemy to himself, which might sound greedy, but it isn't. He knew that humanity would screw crap up, like usual. Once Prometheus stole it, he had to come clean with it. The Savior was the first mortal to be gifted with Advanced Alchemy. Prometheus, another Mortal Man who escaped death with Alchemy, has no pure control over metal. He may have basics, but he doesn't share blood to the Savior, since you said they were from the same Generation. Since you are taking a similar process to Prometheus, you share the ability of not being able to use Advanced Alchemy until you submit to the Truth. Even with the idea that the ability of Metal is rare is false, as your entire family line up til the Savior has possessed it. All Alchemy requires energy, which is drawn from Saint and Taint. Your abilities are limited to only what Basic Alchemy possesses. My advice to your character is to submit to the Truth, or the lineage of Metal will die when you do. That's my view.)
By 1Charak2
#121131 hm fine but i was planning on something else plus i never said prometheus was a god he just took alchemy and tried to make it so you had to sacrifice nothing to obtain power but it was nigh impossible so all he could do was basic alchemy. the truth could be fair as you say but what if its ideals where tainted in some way (likes its killing things to protect the things it loves.. etc) and maybe my entire family did have the ability to control metal in their bloodline it only manifests after a intense amount of stress. and i am the last of the metal alchemists i have no relatives the lineage dies when i die anyway.

and as the last compromise instead of the truth giving my family the shard could it be Prometheus

that is all thanks

(ps can i do a taintedpedia on the species of taint it seems fun to catagrise them)