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By MinerKombat1557
#121482 honestly, i have never has a worst idea, and this is open for a lot of god modding, but here goes...

Welcome, young traveler to the Kingdom Of Fiore... a land where magic is used as an every day tool throughout life, but there are some experienced magic users, called wizards, they join guilds and rand up for the joys of learning magic to its fullest, an here are the magic types, first 3 to apply (including me) get dragon slayer magic, which means they can eat there element for more power, but this is only for the first 3, ok?

Magic types:
Absorption Magic
Acid Magic
Acid Magic
Happy with wings
Air Magic
Erigors tornado
Wind Magic
Hades Bomb Formula
Arc of Embodiment Anime
Arc of Embodiment
Arc of Time Restore
Arc of Time
Archive Magic
Miliana's Magic
Binding Magic
Black Wizard Zeref
Black Arts
Death Magic
Zeref's magic seal
Living Magic
Oshibana Thugs try to kidnap Lucy
Body Restriction Magic
Hades goes bang bang
Bullet Magic
Hades uses his magic to attack Makarov
Chain Magic
Hidden cage
Concealment Magic
Lucy beaten by Lucy
Copy Magic
Gildart's Crash Magic
NoPicAvailable Wide
Curse Magic
Beginning Genesis Zero
Darkness Magic
Demon's Eye
Demon's Eye
Devil Slayer Magic
Disassembly Magic
Dispelling Magic
Dispelling Magic
Doll Attack
Future Rogue and Dragon Family
Dragon Supremacy Magic
Dragon Slayer
Dragon Slayer Magic
Karyū no Hōkō
Fire Dragon Slayer Magic
Metal Scaled Gajeel attacks
Iron Dragon Slayer Magic
Thunder Dragon's Roar
Lightning Dragon Slayer Magic
Poison Dragon's Roar
Poison Dragon Slayer Magic
Shadow Dragon's Crushing Fang
Shadow Dragon Slayer Magic
Sky dragon roar
Sky Dragon Slayer Magic
Sting's Holy Ray
White Dragon Slayer Magic
Spinning Rocker
Drill 'n Rock
Hoteye's magic
Earth Magic
Egg Buster
Egg Magic
Eve fairy dust
Fairy Magic
Figure eyes
Figure Eyes
Makarov's Fire Magic
Fire Magic
Purple flare
Purple Flare
Totomaru's flame
Rainbow Fire
Flattening Magic
Flame God Slayer
God Slayer Magic
God Slayer power
Flame God Slayer Magic
Black Lightning Sphere
Lightning God Slayer Magic
Sky God Slayer Magic
Sky God Slayer Magic
Bluenote appears
Gravity Magic
Gravity Altering Magic
Gravity Change
Azuma reveals himself
Great Tree Arc
Green Magic
Green Magic
The girls find Vidaldus Taka
Hair Magic
Heaven's Eye
Grand Chariot
Heavenly Body Magic
Jet High Speed
High Speed
Human subordination
Human Subordination
Deliora in Ice
Ice Magic
Illusion Magic Roubaul
Illusion Magic
Iron Dog Magic
Iron Dog
Law of Retrogression
Law of Retrogression
Legend of City
Legend of City
Levy Rewriting Runes
Letter Magic
Freed uses his enchantments
Dark Écriture
Freed's magic seal
Jutsu Shiki
Solid script
Solid Script
Orient Solid Script
Zekua writing Daybreak
Writing Magic
Makarov's unnamed light blast
Light Magic
Laxus's Unnamed Attack3
Lightning Magic
Velveno vs. Erza
Magical Drain
Three Spread Sensory Link
Maguilty Sense
Three Pillar Gods
Maximum Defense Seal
NoPicAvailable Wide
Memory Control
Kurohebi's Sand Body
Mirror Magic
Gray Ice Make
Molding Magic
Ice Make Hammer
Muscle Speak
Muscle Speak
Nullpudding assaults Gray
Needle Magic
Gildarts vs. Byro Cracy
Nullification Magic
Six Prayers
Organic Link Magic
Bacchus attacks Elfman
Palm Magic
Phasing Magic
Phasing Magic
Grow Flow
Plant Magic
Polygon Attack
Polygon Magic
Jellal gets infected by Zelef
Possession Magic
Rapture Magic
Rapture Magic
Midnight using Reflector
Never piss
Bisca's requip
The Gunner
Heaven's Wheel Armor
The Knight
Sand Magic
Sand Magic
Seith Magic Eyes
Seith Magic
Nab's magic
Animal Possession
Human Possession
Human Possession
Shadow fist
Shadow Magic
Shikigami Attack
Shikigami Magic
Mira's sleeping Magic
Sleep Magic
Jackpot's Magic
Slot Magic
Motor Anime
Slowing Magic
Snow Magic
Snow Magic
Sound Magic
Stone Eyes
Stone Eyes
Take Over
Full Body
Beast Soul
Lisanna Bird
Animal Soul
Mirajane's Satan Soul
Satan Soul
Jenny Realight - Battle Gear
Machina Soul
Bora telekinesis
Tear Magic
Tear Magic
Gray using Warren's telepathy
Teleportation magic
Teleportation Magic
Terrain Tai Attack
Terrain Effect Magic
Ih Ragdo Disappear
Though projection
Thought Projection
Web Magic
Thread Magic
Makaov's Giant
Transformation Magic
Racer grand pix
Vehicle Magic
Juvia's Water Body Transformation
Water Magic
Wool Bomb 2
Wool Magic

had enough? well heres MORE!

Angel's coins
Angel Magic
Doranbolt Protects Katja
Athletic Magic
Athletic Magic
Card Magic
Card Magic
Lucy standing with her Celestial Spirits
Celestial Spirit Magic
Lucy Heartifilia and girls fall for Bora
Command Magic
Command Magic
Slime Magic
Dog Whistle Magic
Fortune Telling
Fortune Telling
Rock of Succubus
Guitar Magic
Big Bazooka
Guns Magic
Jet Ho Ho Hou
Jet Magic
Orient Solid Script
Violet Dance
Paper Magic
Healing perfum
Perfume Magic
Personification Magic
Pict Magic
Droy's Seeds
Plant Magic
Loke's magic ring
Ring Magic
Smoke Magic
Smoke Magic
Lightning Beam
Storm Magic
Yasha Senkuu
Sword Magic
Rayule's magic

That was holder magic, guys, ignore the full sentence ones, im just grabbing them from a site

Anyways, heres the app:

Magic Type:
Do you want to be a dragon slayer? (must be fire, iron, lightning or sky):

My app:

Name: Conner SkyBlade
Gender: Male
Magic Type: Requipping (allows you to change your weapon in combat, and armour): he has: 2 swords for dual weilding, one massive sword ad a two-handed weapon, one light sword as a onehanded weapon, 2 guns, one a pistol and one a rifle and last is 4 sets of armour,silver Knight, Steel Serpent, black nite and normal
cant be

I think i brutally murdered pixelmon
By 1Charak2
#121518 (did u just copy all theses from idk super power wiki?)

question before i apply May i Choose my own Magic its no on the list Because I Kinda got one i want to utilize for this roleplay... so Yea


ps: good to have you back
By 1Charak2
#121652 Name: Deus (this is gonna be my name for all roleplays)
Magic Type: to be frank its Ather manipulation (the power to control anything related to heaven) as a draw back though using theses powers leaves me open to attacks and possession because that when my soul is at its weakest
Do you want to be a dragon slayer? (must be fire, iron, lightning or sky): uh no...