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#130440 ok guys this is in off topic for a reason. we need a mario rp. soo lets get on to the rules
1. no swearing or anything that would be labeled 18+
2. please keep to the mario characters personality ps bowser DOES have a soft side and crush on peach for those who think he is pure evil.
3. Ocs are allowed if you state the basic stuff about your character first
4. There can be multiple people who can play characters but DO NOT mess with someone else who was playing the same characters as you. (of course you CAN NOT play as someone else's OC unless given permission.
5.Regular RP rules apply to this thing.
6. there can be different things going on in different places as long as you say in your post what location you are currently at.

sooo i guess ill give u guys my oc (ps she is from skylands so she does do crossovers)
Name: Portal Master Kayla
Age: 13
Bio: Read this fanfic to at least know her origins: ... -446402616
Appearance: Blonde hair, green- brown eyes, and is tall

Now on with the rp!
By 1Charak2
#130724 here my oc PS hes a werewolf
Name :Soulless bliss
Age 16
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My name is soulless a uncommon name you think but its less of a name more of a title for the abomination society think i am. i was a young boy like the rest of you sitting in my garden playing on the swings when "They" came they set fire to the house creating a uncontrollable blaze my brother and my parents where lost in that hell-fire. the court ruled it as accidental because they where bribed by "them" but i saw with my own two eyes the molotive cocktails "they" had thrown it was pure murder

but justice would not come no matter how hard i patent for it. i was moved into a orphanage where every kid stayed as far away from me as possible like i was gonna be the cause for all there problems but i managed to befriend a single kid a guy named jack who was also left alone like me due to his love of mythology. while that was the happy part of the orphanage something started to bother me at points i would have long periods of nothingness in my memory . life was simple until one day after a similar blank of memory I awoke to find my self covered in blood from the face down the school rabbits lay as carcass and bone around the floor. i looked around and saw the shocked faces of the orphanage i noticed jack holding up a picture of a werewolf that one image cause me to have a emotional break down i wiped the blood of my face with my shirt and started to walk towards the crowd screaming "WHAT AM I" "HELP ME" "PLEASE" then the jeering started FREAK FREAK FREAK FREAK FREAK FREEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAAK! . they threw stones afraid of what i would become of what i was. men in black arrived to take me away they called me project soulless the name stuck.... i was gassed in the vehicle

waking up in a glass cage surround by the men in white coats They performed tests on me and my wolf form and on other people with supernatural ability like the kid next to me could teleport anyone into what ever dimension they pleased. during this time i noticed a subtle change in my wolf form i no longer blanked out but i was powerless to stop the wolf doing anything and i always become a wolf at night. due to butget cuts testing got harsher and harsher until i managed to escape by cutting the powercables scarring my hands but i forgot aabout hte kid who could teleport anyone anywhere he screamed and i found my entire mass being moved through a portal I regained consiceness as i was falling through the skie in a floating island land like a skyland maybe death would be my sweet sweet release.

appearance: routh dirty uncut hair shackles on his arms and legs filthy rags looks worse for wear
By 1Charak2
#130814 so when and whos starting?