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By Aichu
#130602 I'm fan of two things, pokemon and transformers.
And the new movie transformers : Age of extinction came out, i watch'ed it and i was very happy.

Enyway, the rules are:
You can make yourself custom character or use excisting transformer.

The're are 2 sides : Autobots and Decepticons.
Autobot is a good team with leader Optimus prime. And as you know it, Decepticons are bad and they'r leader is Megatron.

Car/Plane/Boat/Train (with pic):
Special addon.

My application:
Name: Omega Prime.
Side: Autobot (leader).
Car (with pic): Audi A3 pic: Image
Weapons: Double handed M4 And BIG Flame blade.
Special addon: Cloack.

The story beings like this:
Autobots Crash landed into earth (like G1) They had left some energon and wondered around they'r ship. They saw a cam working and all they see is decepticon ship.
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By Aichu
#130603 i'll start.
*started steppin to the decepticon ship*
Uhh.. decepticon ship.. always filthy! i beg the name of cybertron that they didnt survive it.
By 1Charak2
#130617 Name:Steelfang
Side: deecepticon
Car/Plane/Boat/Train (with pic):Image
Bot form Image
Weapons: 4 arc v reactor cannons that can reach extreme ranges but easy to dodge but htey are silent
Special addon. dark energon and a aura so powerfuol it instanly kills weaker bots

triva unicron was created from a single shards of his body
he is the true leader of the decepticons after besting megatoron in hand tio hand combat megatron is jsut hte puppet
he once killed optimus prime by accident optimus was later ressercte
he is hte first decepticon

shard of himself
name copperfang
side decepticons
plane form:Image
weapons 2 small blasters a stun cannon and 2 small daggers
spical addition Phase lasts a couple of minutes tops
By 1Charak2
#130628 i spot a bot enter the wreck of my ship i kick him and far 2 shots at his head and spark
i will serve my master to hte bitter end
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By Aichu
#130630 Transforms and rides behind him then transforms him and stabs him with blade
Who is your master..
By 1Charak2
#130631 i cackle as i cannont die... not yet anyway
my master does not deal with scum like u.
i grab the blade and point my gun at his face now awnser me Who the bloddy hell are u
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By Aichu
#130632 i'm Omega prime.
Punches the gun out of my face and puts 2 m4's in his face
By 1Charak2
#130634 i start walking away not care ing abotu the m4s towards the autobot ship
my master i already told u does not deal with scum like u he only acares about the primes or the primals
i point my 2 blasters at the autobot ship and fire destroying it
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By Aichu
#130635 I told you , im a prime. Come take me if you want to but first.
*Transforms and goes to my ship*
*shoots decepticons ship as it blows.*
Wait where did he go..
*Startes to search*.
By TheGameAce
#130642 Umm why are we RPing about Transformers on the forums? ._.