By mediumdee
#135257 okay, i noticed that the other role plays haven't been very active lately, and i've had a good idea for a while now (this is a pretty long post so just be prepared to read a lot}
so, the theme of this is the mutant heroes, witch started out as a little group at school
basically you can be whatever you want, i don't really care, you can have up to 3 characters and 1 temp character (used only for that scene) you can use 1 post for multiple characters
so, your first post has to be your character app, please only do 1 at a time
i'll use mine as an example
nickname: dee
gender: female
age: 11, almost 12
side groups: hunters
main form: fire/ice
class: warrior/healer
rides: sky, a female lightning dragon
personality: a feirce girl that likes staying hidden in the shadows
bio: (sorry if this first part sounds a little like frozen, i couldn't help myself) i started out as a little one living in the ice palace, i spent about 5 years there with my father and my sister, me and my sister are both in the hunters now, and we've helped each other when we really had to. later on i got sent to a far of realm, where the fire burns hot, i started practicing sword fighting and archery, by 10 i was great at archery and a pretty good healer, i learned all of that with my mother and lots of other distant family members, but then there was a tragedy for the rest of my family, i was the only one to stand up to the hunters, so they invited me to join them and go to the overworld, they gave me new equipment to work with and i started working with ther night watch, i slowly gained their trust that year, and i've been co-leader for nearly a year now

there was mine, here's what you need to fill in
side groups (make up whatever you want, i really don't care}:
main form (i don't care, just pick something random):
class (list at bottom for all of the classes):
rides (max 1 land, 1 sea, 1 air):

class list (you can make up some to, just give details about it)
warrior- a fast fighter, prefers speed rather then defence, great with ranged weapons
healer- helpful but can't take very much (mostly female)
pyro- kinda crazy, shouts a lot even when they don't need to, doesn't aim very well
tank: very defensive, good coverage for healers
all-around: can handle whatever comes up
okay, i would think up more but it's really late and i hardly got any sleep last night, just make some up yourself if you don't use those, this was a lot to type
By mediumdee
#135271 (the first scene starts up in the clouds, everyone has to start on their flying mount until someone gets us to the ground, it's a nice summer day and their on break, but this is the only tie they could get together before school started, and by then they would be to busy to see each other very much)
[also, temp characters you just add in on the spot, don't bother making an app for it if you only use it for 1 scene]
*anything that you do you put in * like this*
*dee is flying around on sky for fun, she does a few stunts, including a dive close to the water, but comes back up soon after, she nearly falls off a few times, but being an vexpert rider she steadies herself fast enough*
dee: woo! i love flying around like this, good thing it's still summer... but it seems a little colder then it should be
By 1Charak2
#135352 nickname: Umbra Darksun
gender: Male
age: 14
side groups (make up whatever you want, i really don't care}: Thieves guild (secret to everyone) Bounty hunter
main form (i don't care, just pick something random):
class (list at bottom for all of the classes):
rides (max 1 land, 1 sea, 1 air): he rides a Roc (a massive eagle) named Rodawn.
personality: Calm and compassionate but is a thief by heart so he will steal what he has to. but nothing more
bio: To be released (needs to be kept secret for a surprise reveal)
By mediumdee
#135353 {keep working on it, but for now you're in, just give more info by the next scene we do}
By mediumdee
#135400 {you can have flashbacks to if you need to}
(also i'm a fast typer so sorry about my mistakes)
*dee starts seeing a few storms up ahead*
dee: i think me and sky can fly through, everyone else around here better get close to see level... this is one of the worst storms i've seen... i know it's almost the end of summer but it shouldn't be this cold *roars (anyone out here?)*
???: *roars (this is the biggest storm yet, coming in here would be a bad idea)*
dee: *roars back (don't worry, me and sky can take these winds, i sent my team closer to the water already)
???: ...............
dee: ................
???: *roars (are you passed the cloudline yet?)*
dee: *roars *(ya, i just got through)*
*dee almost gets blown off of sky while passing the clouds, but makes it to a clearing*
dee: ..........................................................................
*the winds get much stronger and colder*
dee: i can't hold of much longer!!!
*one last gust of wind sends dee hurtling towards the waters*
???: ..................................................
(okay, i know that that ran a bit long. if you have a temp character it should start out as ??? witch is an unknown person. also, some characters can understand roars and use them to communicate from a distance)
By mediumdee
#135575 (okay, this is just to refresh the topic and get another character in here)
(if you start a second character then have them start as ???)
nickname: ashley
gender: female
age: 15
side groups: none
main form: normal
class: all-around
rides: star, a fast and helpful dragon
personallity: secretive, but helpful when it counts most
bio: (used in flashbacks later on)