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#138775 Introduction
Hello everybody! Welcome to my latest roleplay, The Arcane pages. The story that this roleplay is based off of has been rumbling around in my head for a couple weeks now and I saw that the roleplay section has turned into a complete graveyard. So i guess now im going to post a new one that hopefully won't end up with the same fate. So let's begin!)

(Reading this is recommended)
The night air was mysteriously thick with apprehension. A guard was shuffling uncomfortably in his shoes as he and his comrade were standing guard outside a large tower, Miles away from the city. "Doesn't it feel strange out here Joel"? The first guard said. Joel grunted in annoyance. "For the fifth time no"! He said. "I swear I've seen babes with more nerve than you". "I swear to you that raven is a bad omen"! "It's a bloody bird 'fer crying out loud"! The guards stopped their bickering as soon as they saw something move out of the corner of their eyes. A slender figure in a hooded cloak stepped into the clearing. The men instantly lowered their spears at the lone figure. "Oh there's no need for that". The figure said. The guards wavered a little, but they held still. "Who are you? Whats your business here"? The guard Joel spoke. The man smiled beneath his hood, his single visible eye shone emerald green against the darkness. "Oh who i am is not important". He spoke in a near sing-songy voice "what is important is that i go see my old friend in the tower there". The guard narrowed his eyes at the man. "You must be insane if you think we're goint tp just let you see him" At this the hooded man let out a maniacal laugh. The guard could have sworn the man's teeth were pointed. "You sirs must be equally mad if you think those toys of yours can stop me"! At this point the guard Joel had enough. He brought his spear high above his head and swung down at the strangers head...but the man was no longer there. Instead he stood on the tip of the man's spear as easily as he would on the ground. Joel gasped as he noticed the man's features for the first time. His teeth were indeed pointed, his right arm was discolored a dull grey with claw-like fingernails. the discoloration seemed to reach up to his face where his right eye was covered by a cloth wrapped around his head. "Your..." Joel began. "That's right"! The hooded man sang."Witch"! Joel shouted! But those were the last words he said. The Witch took out a dagger and stabbed the guard. He tossed his body aside and turned towards the other guard. "I suppose you should get out of here while you can, unless you want to end up like your friend over there. The guard ran as fast as he could from the tower. "He won't get far" the witch thought. "My men are stationed all over the area". With that thought he casually strolled into the tower to claim his prize.

Types of Magic
Magicians: The most common type of magic. Often revolves around throwing elemental spells.

Thaumaturge: Ability to fuse magic with certain objects and make them more powerful. Also use wands when spellcasting.

Necromancer: Aside from various dark spells, necromancers are able to summon the dead to do their bidding

Witch:As rare as they are dangerous. Witches tend to use potion and intricate spells involving complex rune drawn on the ground. They're magic is heavily based on nature.

Blood Mage: Extremely rare and deadly these mages use the magical properties of blood to fuel their immense power which often ends up killing inexperienced blood magi.

1. Be respectful
2. Do not swear in excessive amounts
3. No inappropriate content
4. Do not make your character extremely overpowered
5. Do not overreact or underreact to the current situation
6. Blood is okay but not in excessive amounts
7. You may have up to TWO characters
8. Have fun
9. If you read all these rules put the roleplay name in the first line of your first post. (Otherwise you won't be accepted)

Character Application
Name: You should already know
Age: How many years you were alive
Personality: What do you act like
History: Your life story
Weapons: What you use to defend yourself
Armor: The stuff that keeps you from getting knocked around
Abilities: What kind of wizard are you?
Moral Alignment: Good or Evil?
Other: What makes your character unique?

All right! Let's get started.