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By BlazingPrimeape101
#151554 Story Plot
3 kids are living in a new and lesser known region. The Halkan Region. However, the villainous Team Rocket has framed Red in an attempt to start a war with Halken. Halken is now in war with Kanto. Johto and Kalos has begun aiding Kanto, yet Hoenn, Sinnoh and Unova are trying to stay out of it. However, Halken needs their help. After a month of war, Sinnoh has joined the war, but only because they want peace. The 3 kids decide they want to join the war, and lie about there age. They must be 18 and have pokemon. They are only 16 and have pokemon. The pokemon fight, and they command them in battle.

Application Layout
(This is also my app.)
Trainers Name: Prince
Only Pokemon: Shiny Zoroark (Type Shiny or not at the start.)
Pokemon Nickname: (optional) Illusion
Trainers skills: Sneaking and Spying.
Pokemon Skills: Sneaking and being a double agent.(Must be similar or same as trainers.)
Backstory: Prince met his Zorua as a child at the age of 10. He then raised Zorua, and they became close friends. He wants to join his father in the war, but his mother forbids it, because her father has recently passed away in the war.
Personality: Dark, Stern but sometimes lightens up.

App Rules
Everything in brackets from the last one is a rule. Except for it being my one.
No inappropriate names or backstories.
You may only have one pokemon.
The pokemon may mega evolve, but if it does and it has 2 mega evolutions, tell me which ones they are.
NO COMPLEX EVS AND IVS STUFF, unless it is really relevant to your character. (He could be obessed with perfection or something.)
Keep it simple.

Comment Rules

Thank you!
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By HelenTheHero
#153709 Been forever since I've actually Role Played... guess I'll try again here. :P

Trainer's Name: Trixie
Only Pokemon: Not Shiny Eevee
Pokemon Nickname: Sweet
Trainer Skills: Being kind to Pokemon, potions, etc.
Pokemon Skills: Very caring, agile.
Backstory: Trixie voluntered at a Pokemon Center when they came with a female Eevee who was badly injured. Trixie helped care for her, and Nurse Joy let her keep the Eevee as a reward. She named her Sweet. for the Eevee had a very sweet nature.
Personality: Calm and kind, but she has her funny moments when she can't stop laughing.