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By killthepast
#162113 "Wake up Lazy Butt!"
Jirachi slammed against Shulk's sleeping body
"It's mooorning, it's morning, IT'S MORNING! WAKE UP MONADO BOY!!"
Riki began to yell in Telepathy
"I'm up, I'm up... Geez, and why Monado Boy?"
"Dunno. Guess i just Splurted it out.."
Shulk walked out of the room, Riki Laying in Shulk's bag, He knocked on Their room's door, wondering if they're awake
"Anyone here!?
Shulk opened his bag, and Put a finger on Riki's face, and said, Shhh!
"Lily? Brent? Anyone?"

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By ShinyKeldeo
#162117 Lily Heard the Someone Knocking at the Door, and got up with Shaymin on her Shoulders to open it. On the other side was Shulk.
Lily: Morning Shulk, guess everyone is an early morning person except us now.
Shaymin: Yeah, I Am Not An Early Morning Person.
Lily: Yeah, I'd Rather Sleep In a While But Some People and Pokemon... *Looks at Shulk* You Probably Think I'm Crazy having a Legit Conversation with Shaymin Don't You?

After Brent had changed into his day clothes, he went back to check on Larvitar. By the time he had returned, Larvitar had eaten every last bit of food he had been given.
Brent: You Must have been Hungry there, little guy.
Joy: You two look like you are quite close now, so I have a favor to ask of you. With all of the Pokemon Around the Pokemon Center, I Wouldn't Have Time to Take Care If It a Whole Lot. And a Larvitar So Young Couldn't Survive on its own for a while...
Brent: I Was Actually Thinking About That... But the Final Decision is Larvitars.
Brent Pulls a Pokeball Out of his Backpack and Sits Down in front of Larvitar, Holding it Out.
Brent: Larvitar? Would you like to go on a journey with me?
Larvitar opened his eyes wide in wonder. It wasted no time in rushing forward and tapping the point on the Pokeball, and letting it capture it.
Brent: Welcome to the team buddy, and i'll keep the promise I made, I swear it. So, Let's Start It Off, Larvitar Let's Go!
He Opens the Pokeball, Letting Larvitar Out. He Also Lets out his Eevee and Cyndaquil, to Meet his new Friend. Watching From the Doorway unnoticed was Brooks, who was quite impressed.
Brooks: (Thinking) These two sure have a knack for forming bonds with Pokemon quickly... Brent May Have What it Takes As Well...
With That, Brooks Heard the Flapping of his Fateful Dragon Type Pokemon Returning, and Rushed Outside to Greet it. His Leg Hadn't Been Damaged in any way, just Sore, so he was fine to go whenever he pleased.
Brooks: Noivern, Did you see where they went?
Noivern Replyed Sadly in Pokemon Language No, that He Had Lost Sight of Them.
Brooks: That's Okay, Noivern, You Tried Your Hardest, Return for a Good Rest. This is Going to be a Setback...
Brooks Contemplated His Options as He Walked Back Into the Pokemon Center.
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By killthepast
#162132 "I Wouldn't say that... There are some people from different Reigons who could talk with Pokemon... and I'm not a Morning person either... I just.. kinda..."
Riki said Via telepathy to Lily from within Shulk's bag. Shulk sighed Deeply, attempting to ignore Riki
"So, you going to go challenge the Gym today?"
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By ShinyKeldeo
#162147 Lily: Maybe... I'm Not Sure if I'm Ready Yet to be Honest. I Do only Have Chikorita and Eevee...
Shaymin: Hey, You've Got Me Too Ya Know!
Lily: I'm Pretty Sure it Would Be Pretty Unfair to Use You Shaymin.
Shaymin: Point Taken...
Lily: Maybe After Some Training We Could Make our Run at It... But Right Now We Aren't Ready at All.
From Down the Hall, there was shouting coming from just outside the Pokemon Center that they could hear. Then She Heard Brent Calling Down.
Brent: Hey, Something's Going Down Right Outside, Let's Go See!
Alicia Poked Her Head Out a Few Doors Down, and Came Out Fully Dressed.
Alicia: I Wonder What's Up...
Lily: If You'll Excuse Me for a Moment...
She Closed the Door, and Not Even a Minute Later Came Out Fully Dressed. Then They Headed Outside to See What Was Happening.

-Outside Riviera Town Pokemon Center-
There Was a Crowd Around what appeared to be two trainers, one very thuggish looking boy, and an older girl who seemed quite angry with the boy.
Girl: Do You Have no Heart for Pokemon, you Brute?!
Thug Boy: Hey, If A Pokemon is Weak, It Has No Meaning to Me. That's Why I Sent that Kirlia Packing.
Girl: I Can't Stand People Like You, You Treat Pokemon as Tools, When They are Living Breathing Creatures with Feelings!
Thug Boy: Oh Boo Hoo, The Poor Thing, It's Sad. Hahahahaha! You think that Matters at All to Me?
In the Crowd, the trio of trainers found Brooks Near the Front, watching on.
Brent: Hey Brooks, What's Going On?
Brooks: That Guy Over There, His Kirlia Lost a Battle, and Instead of Taking it to the Pokemon Center, He Released it and Crushed It's Pokeball Right Here. Needless to Say, that Got Her A Bit Angry...
Lily: Who is that anyways?
Brooks: That's Milly, the Riviera Town Gym Leader.
The Two Trainers Continued to Argue, Until Finally It Seemed Milly had Snapped.
Milly: How About This, I'll Take You On, I'll Use One Pokemon, You Can Use Two. If You Win, I'll Give You this Town's Gym Badge and Forget This Ever Happened. If I Win, You Have to Apologize to Kirlia, And Never Set Foot in this Peaceful Town Again!
Thug Boy: Well, This is in My Favor, How Could I Turn Down Such an Opportunity? Let's Go!
The Boy Threw Out a Drapion and Machoke, While Milly Sent Out a Lapras.
Lily: So That's a Lapras, I've Never Seen a Real One Before. *Pulls Out Pokedex*
Pokedex: Lapras, the Transport Pokemon. Lapras Herds Remain Nomadic Throughout the Ocean, Usually Avoiding Humans.
Milly: You Have the First Move, You Jerk.
Thug Boy: Hey, I'll Take It, Machoke, Karate Chop, Drapion Poison Jab!
Milly: Lapras, Surf!
The Boy's Pokemon Rushed Forward, Attacks Ready, Until they Saw the Giant Wave Heading Towards Them. They Got Wasted by the Wave, and Were Just Getting Up When Lapras Was on the Attack Once Again.
Milly: Now, Follow it up with Ice Beam!
Lapras Unleashed a Powerful Ice Beam on Both of the Pokemon, Rendering Them Unable to Battle. The Boy Stood there Shocked at the Loss He had Just Taken.
Thug Boy: There's No Way... How can you be that strong?
Milly: Because of the Bond I Have With My Pokemon, Something You Don't Understand.
The Boy Called Back his Pokemon, and Took Off On Route 702. Milly Ran After Him a Bit, Yelling At Him as He Fled.
Milly: And Remember What I Said About Coming Back Here!
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By killthepast
#162173 "Wow..."
Shulk watched the scene go down, not Noticing Riki somehow left his Bag, and Flew over to the Lapras, Poking it on the side of it's head
"Amazing... Now that's Power if i've ever seen i- Oh Arceus..."
"'Scuse me Lapras? How strong are you? You took that Boy's Pokemon out in one Hit. Bonds, sure, but that must of been some serious training!
Riki sat on The Lapras's head, Looking at it from it's head
"You have Such radiant eyes... I would grant you a wish, but i Can't right now.."
Riki sighed, flying over to Shaymin
Riki Hovered next to Shaymin, looking at it Curiously
"You're a Shaymin, huh? Nice to meet ya! I'm Jirachi, just call me Riki."
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By ShinyKeldeo
#162177 Brent: Wait... So If All This is About a Kirlia, where is it?
Milly had finally come back after running after the boy. She heard his question and walked up to him as the crowd dispersed.
Milly: It Ran Off heading West, Most Likely Ended up on Route 703, and Bitterwood Forest. I Should Go After it and Look For It.
Lily: Can I Help? I Could help Cover More Ground.
Milly: You Want to Help? Sure, Thanks!
Brent: I'll Help Out Too!
Alicia: Same Here.
Brooks: As Will I.
Milly: Wow, You All Want to Help? Perfect, Let's Head Out Then.
Milly Lead the Way Towards Route 703 and the Bitterwood Forest. None of them noticed the Jirachi talking to Shaymin.
Shaymin: Nice to meet you, I think... *Sees the Others Leaving* Uh Oh, I Gotta Go, I'll Catch Ya Later!
Shaymin Took Off After the Group of Trainers Heading Towards Route 703, Looking Back at the Strange Pokemon.
Shaymin: (Thinking) That was weird... Wonder Who's Pokemon That Was...

-Route 703, Bitterwood Forest-
When they arrived it was clear that they were in for a challenge. The forest was massive, which would prove difficult to search.
Milly: Everyone Be Careful Out Here, this place is a natural maze. Make Sure you Remember Where the Main Path is if you go off.
Brooks: Right, I'll try to search from the air on Noivern, good luck everyone.
With that Brooks was off on the back of his trusty dragon Pokemon, While everyone else split up to search the woods on foot.

-Lake Northwind-
Lancer: Any Sign of the Target Yet?
Shia: Negative Sir, All Quiet Here.
Lancer: (Over Radio) Galahad, Anything on Your Side?
Galahad: (Over Radio) Negative, No Visual on Target, You Sure It'll Be Here?
Lancer: (Over Radio) It Better Be, Or the Boss Will Have Both of Our Heads, Galahad.

-Bitterwood Forest-
It Had Been Hours Since they Began Searching, and it was about Noon Now. Everyone had Separated, But Were Keeping in Check Via Pokegear.
Brent: (Over Pokegear) Lily, You Found Kirlia Yet?
Lily: No, I'm About to Head Back Towards the Main Path.
Brent: (Over Pokegear) Alright, Let's Meet Up at the Entrance and Come up with a New Plan.
Lily Hung up the Pokegear, and went to turn towards the Main Path when she heard a very light crying.
Lily: Could That be Kirlia... I Can't Get a Read on It, Can You Shaymin?
Shaymin: I Think So, This Way!
Shaymin Took Off through the forest with Lily Right on Her Tail.
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By ShinyKeldeo
#162238 After about a Month of this RP Being Up, I've Finally Finished a Sketchup of the Region.

Sorry for the Crappy Quality of the Image, My Scanner Doesn't Like to Work so I Had to take a picture with my Webcam...
Map of the Viore Region!
WIN_20151016_14_10_20_Pro.jpg (43.56 KiB) Viewed 119 times
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By ShinyKeldeo
#162291 -Northwind Lakefront-
Lily Followed Shaymin Until they had come upon the crystal clear waters of Northwind Lake, a massive natural lake located in the middle of three cities: Riviera, Dorado, and Lilac.
Lily: I Can Hear that Crying a Lot Clearer Now, Which Way Though?
Shaymin: Over This Way, Hurry!
Meanwhile, on the other side of the lake, Royal Skies had Regrouped to Rethink Their Approach.
Galahad: We May be Scaring it, Keeping it Away With our Mere Presence... I Doubt it would Show Itself to Such People as Us.
Lancer: You May be Correct...
Shia: Sirs, We Have Company, Just Across the Lake.
Galahad: The Target?
Shia: Negative, It's that Girl with the Shaymin that Got Away from Us the Other Day.
Riley: Sir, I Can Easily Get Over There and Take Care of Her For Us...
Lancer: No, She and that Shaymin Are No Longer Our Priority, Focus on the Task at Hand.
Riley: Yes Sir, I'm Going back on Lookout This Way Then.

-Bitterwood Forest Entrance-
Everyone had regrouped at the entrance of the forest, and were just waiting on Lily and Shaymin to Return.
Brooks: Still no Sign of Them? Where Could they Be?
Brent: *Pulls Out Pokegear* Lily, Can You Hear Me, Where Are You?

-Northwind Lakeside-
Lily: That Looks Like Her, Let's be Careful, We Don't Want to Scare Her.
The duo had finally found the small Pokemon which was Kirlia, and Lily Brought Out her Pokedex Just to Confirm This.
Pokedex: Kirlia, the Emotion Pokemon, and the Evolved form of Ralts. It Uses the Twin Feelers on it's head to detect human emotions, it is said it dances uncontrollably when it's trainer is exceptionally happy.
Lily: That's Kirlia Alright, Let's Try and Help It.
The Duo Slowly Made Its way to the Young Pokemon, Which was Covered in Bruises and Marks from the Previous Battle. It had its back against a tree, silently sobbing to itself now. They got within range of its feelers, as it looked up at the two.
Lily: Easy, It's Okay, We Want to help you.
Kirlia had Fear Stricken in it's eyes, Bracing as Lily Came Forward. Meanwhile, A Sudden Development had Occurred at Team Royal Skies Camp.
Riley: Sirs, Something Just Breached the Eastern Perimeter Alarm, Moving Fast. It's Heading for the Lake.
Lancer: This Could be It, Positions Everyone!
They Scrambled to Different Places Along the Lakeside, Preparing for What Might Come...
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By ShinyKeldeo
#162379 -Northwind Lakefront, Bitterwood Forest Side-
Lily had Finally Calmed Down the Kirla, and Patched up some of it's wounds that she could. She was about to get moving when an odd breeze kicked up.
Lily: This is weird, there's not a cloud in the sky...
Shaymin: Something is Coming, I Think...
They Watched the Lake as a four legged Dog Like Pokemon Came Striding Across the Lake to the center of it.
Lily: There's No Way, It Isn't... *Pulls Out Pokedex*
Pokedex: Suicune, the Aurora Pokemon. In Johto Mythology, It Is Said to Be Able to Purify the Dirtiest of Water. It Is Said to Ride on the North Winds.
Lily: It Is... It's a Suicune...

-Opposite Shore, Northwind Lakefront-
Galahad: That's It! Suicune Has Appeared!
Lancer: Prepare to Capture!
All: Yes Sir!

Suicune Was Now Looking Right at Lily and Shaymin, Very Interested In The Two. He Realized What This Meant, and Actually Nodded and Accepted Them. Then He Turned After Noticing a Shift in the Area, Team Royal Skies. He Took Off Farther Down the Lake.
Lily: I Think Suicune Actually Acknowledged Us Shaymin!
Shaymin: That Was Awesome! I've Never been so Excited!
Lily: *Remembering the Situation* Right, Let's Get Kirlia Back to the Others...
Her Pokegear Began Ringing, Quite Delayed Due to the Forest Thickness.
Brent: (Pokegear) Lily, You Finally Answer, Where Are You?
Lily: I'm On My Way Back, I Found Kirlia, Don't Worry.
She Hung up the Pokegear and Continued Back Towards the Main Path.

Galahad: Don't Let It Get Out of Range! Get It's Signal!
Riley: I Got It! We Can Find it Anywhere Now, And I'm Tracking It Right Now!
Lancer: We Don't Have a Moment to Spare, Let's Move!
All: Right!
Team Royal Skies Loaded Up in Their Van and Took Off in Pursuit of the Legendary Pokemon.

(PS: This RP Is Having a Way Stronger Plot and Development than I Thought it Would, Even Though Only Two People are Currently Participating [AKA Me and MinerKombat]. That Being Said, We Could Use Some More People Typing in Here, I Wanna Really Test How Far This Can Go With As Many People as Possible. If This is a Success, More People Could Help Revive This Long Forsaken Section of the PixelmonMod Forums. So Help Out, Make an App, and Join the Journey in Viore!

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