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By ShinyKeldeo
#162458 [OOC] Ah, Okay, It's Cool. Next Time Just Shoot me a PM Or Something. I'll Keep the Story Going a Bit More, But Nothing Major Happening that Should Involve You Yet. Only a Few Things Will Change (Minor Party Changes, Evolutions, New Moves, Etc...), By the Time of the First Gym Battle, Hopefully You'll Be Done Moving. Hope You Enjoy Your New Place Dude.
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By ShinyKeldeo
#162559 -Bitterwood Forest, Entrance-
After about a half hour, Lily finally regrouped with everyone else, Kirlia in tow.
Brent: Well, You Found Her, That's Good.
Lily: That's not the only thing, We saw Suicune!
Brooks: You Saw Suicune?! Wow...
Milly: I've known the Suicune that lives on this lake since I was a little girl, it's the guardian of this lake.
Lily: Wow, That Amazing.
Alicia: Let's talk about this later, We should get Kirlia to the Pokemon Center so she can be checked out.
Brooks: Right, Let's Go.
The group of five headed back towards town, leaving Bitterwood Forest and Northwind Lake Behind them.

-Riviera Town Pokemon Center, 2 Hours Later-
Joy: I'm Happy to Report that Kirlia has made a full recovery.
Lily: That's Good...
Kirlia came out from behind the front desk looking at Lily carefully. She was fascinated, her old trainer never treated any Pokemon like Lily did. Lily looked over and Kirlia looked at her joyous face.
Lily: Hmm... I Think She Likes Me.
Joy: After what that boy put her through, I wouldn't be surprised that she'd like a trainer like you.
Lily walked over to Kirlia and knelt in front of her, holding out a Pokeball.
Lily: So, what do you think? Do you want to come with me? Do you want to be my friend?
Kirlia wasted no time in tapping the button on the Pokeball. The Pokeball Clicked and that was that.
Lily: Welcome to the team, Kirlia, so come on out and meet everyone!
She threw all of her Pokeballs, releasing her entire team before her. Shaymin, who had been resting on a beam in the Roof, floated down as well.
Lily: Everyone, meet Kirlia, Our new Teammate. Kirlia, Meet, well, Everyone.
Brooks was once again watching from a nearby doorway, thinking to himself again.
Brooks: (Thinking) Wow, these kids really do have a knack for forming bonds with Pokemon...

-Riviera Town Square-
After Leaving the Pokemon Center, Brent had been walking around town by himself, admiring the scenery and mapping the town in his head. He had found the major spots, the Pokemon Center, a Pokemart, the Gym Facility, and now Town Square. It was a perfect afternoon, but that's when he heard something odd.
???: Ow, this really hurts...
Brent: What... What was that?
He looked around, seeing no one who had said anything near him. He heard that voice clear as day, as if it was right next to him.
???: Did Someone Hear Me? Who is that?
Brent: Who are you? Where are you?
He could hear the voice clearer when he looked towards an old structure on a hill overlooking the city. He took off, hoping that his instincts were right again.

Team Update:
Lily - Chikorita, Eevee, Kirlia, Shaymin (LG)
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By MinerKombat1557
#162623 (My Computer's set up in my New pPlace, but I'm not 100% done Unpacking. So i can now Post again)
"Riki, you're lucky they didn't see you.."
"Sorry... It's just a bit hot, that's all..."
???: "Hmph... A Jirachi..."
Shulk looked around
"Who's there!?"
???: A bit abrupt.. hmph, The name's Kuibei.
"Nice to meet you.. Kuibei..."
"Don't Mention it... I want to battle you. If you wound't Mind..."
"Alright... Prepare yourself!"
Shulk threw a Pokeball that was attached to his Waist, his Starly being sent out
"Growlithe, I choose you..."
Kuibei sent out a Growlithe, as the Battle began, Shulk commanded Starly to use Steel Wing, Kuibei's Growlithe Dodged, and Used Fire Fang, His Starly Yelped, and flew back, Shulk Commanded him to use Wing Attack, and Then Peck, which hit Growlithe at Blinding speed in rapid succession, her Growlite Took the attack, and hit the Starly with a Tackle, Fainting It
Shulk Returned Starly to his Pokeball, Smiling
"You did well, now, Go Zorua!"
Shulk sent out his Zorua, It opened with 3 Dark Pulses in Rapid Succesion, 2 Of then hit the Growlite, Fainting it
"...Hmph... Go Squirtle."
Kuibei sent out a Squirtle, Her Squirtle fired a Water gun at the ground where Zorua was, causing Zorua to get stuck, her Squirtle then used Rapd spin while Zorua tried to get out, Shulk's Zorua got hit, and was Hit out of the Mud puddle, Zorua Shook the mud off, and used Sucker Punch before Squirtle could attack again, but her Squirtle narrowly dodged it, and used Rapiid spin again, Fainting his Zorua
"...Good battle..."
"You still have one Pokemon Left..."
Kuibei pointed to Jirachi, who had somehow managed to steal a Slushie during the battle
"Hmm? Me? Battle? No thanks... I don't like to battle..."
Riki Slurped the rest of the Slushie, and floated into Shulk's bag
"Hmm... We'll meet again, i Know it..."
Kuibei walked off

Update: Kuibei: Gender: Female, Goal: Unknown, Current Team: Growlithe, Squirtle, Budew
(Kuibei Doesn't have a LG.)
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By ShinyKeldeo
#162713 -Riviera Pokemon Center-
Lily Was Just Coming Out With Her Team When She Saw a Strange Girl Heading In. She Didn't Seem too Talkative, so Lily went on her way. She was heading to the training field behind the Pokemon Center to do some training before her Gym Battle, as she knew she needed some practice before she could stand up to Milly.
Lily: Alright, So Let's See All of Your Moves. *Pulls Out Pokedex, Holds Up to Each Pokemon* So Chikorita has Razor Leaf, Vine Whip, and Tackle, Eevee Has Tackle and Sand Attack, and Kirlia has Magical Leaf, Confusion, and Shadow Ball. Wow!
She steadied herself and thought for a moment, then looked back at her Pokemon.
Lily: Alright, I've got an idea, let's get training!

-Ancient Ruin Overlooking Riviera Town-
Brent had Followed the Strange Voice All the way to the crumbling Ruin of the Guardians. He Began to Search, With his Cyndaquil Helping Him.
Brent: Where are You? I Want to Help!
He saw a slight tinge of Orange shoot behind a wall, and he took off in hot pursuit. He finally hit a dead end hallway inside the ruin, where he found a tiny little orange Pokemon Sitting against the wall.
???: Please, Don't Hurt Me...
Brent: I'm Not Gonna Hurt You, I Want to Help You, Easy...
He went to one knee and gently picked the Pokemon Up, Showing that He truly wasn't there to hurt it. That's when it happened.
Brent: What this... a strange feeling's come over me..
His right hand lit up bright, leaving a mark of a burning V on it. The light Dissipated, and soon so did the Mark.
Brent: ... What Did I Just See... *Flashes Back to When a Mark Appeared on Lily's Hand* No Way, It's Just a Story... Isn't It?
He Looks to the Pokemon in his arms and finds it has fallen fast asleep. It's injuries aren't too severe, and should be healed by next morning. So he takes the sleeping Pokemon and begins making his way back to town. On his way, he decides to find out what Pokemon it is in his Pokedex.
Pokedex: Victini, the Victory Pokemon. According to Unova Mythology, This Pokemon has Limitless Energy Stored Within it, Using it to it's advantage in battle.
Brent: So This is... a Victini... I Thought they were just a story too, just my luck for the universe to prove me wrong...
Realizing the Rarity of the Pokemon he now had, he Carefully placed it in his backpack, and continued back to the Pokemon Center.

[OOC] LOL That Slushie Part... That Was So Random, I Love It! Also Glad to See You Back, As I Said Before, I Hope you Like Your New Place.
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By MinerKombat1557
#162786 "I needd to go train.."
Shulk walked into the forest, and began training Starly and Zorua,and Along the way, he found a Gligar whch joined him for his Travels, Starl evolved into Staravia, and learned Aerial Ace, Zorua learned Extrasensory, and his Gligar knew Stone edge, after a few hours, Shulk returned to the Pokemon center for a rest
"So, you Had some fun?"
Riki, who was Relaxing in Shulk's room, floated up to him, and sat next to him
"You can say that..."
Shulk sighed, and Riki Staredd off into space
"Hey, Riki, you're a Jirachi, right..? Can i make a wish?"
"Sure! What is it?"
"I want to Discover a new type of Mega stone... Any will do."
You're wish... Has Been
(You Decide on this, Mega Skarmory, ablity: Filter, Type: Steel/Flying)
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By ShinyKeldeo
#162947 [OOC] If This is What You Want, I'll Make This a Thing: This Will Be One of Two Wishes for Your Entire Roleplay. This one is before your Fourth Badge, The Second One After You Fourth Badge.
As for the Skarmory, The Mega is Plausible, and I Can Let it Slide as you are using a wish from Jirachi. Just Make Sure This Really is What you Want.

-Riviera Town Pokemon Center-
Lily was still hard at work training with her team. She had been training all afternoon, perfecting her Pokemon's moves and movement.
Lily: All Right, Chikorita, Razor Leaf!
Chikorita Fired a Razor Leaf At a Group of Apples Placed on a Table. The Attack Passed, and the Apples all fell perfectly sliced.
Lily: Great Job Chikorita! Huh, What's that?
Chikorita had Begun to glow, and soon began changing shape.
Lily: No Way, You're Evolving that's Amazing!
The Light Faded and Instead of Chikorita Stood a Bayleef, Who appeared Surprised but Excited.
Pokedex: Bayleef, the Leaf Pokemon, and the Evolved Form of Chikorita. The Curled up Leaves around Bayleef's Neck Release a Fragrance that Makes People Peppy.
Lily Ran Over and Threw Her Arms around Bayleef in Joy, with both having a smile on their face.
Lily: This is Great, I Can't Believe you Evolved Bayleef! Now We're Going to Really be Ready for Milly!
Bayleef nodded in agreement, and both noticed the sun beginning to set.
Lily: I Just noticed how late it is, and we missed lunch... So let's go get some food. Come on everyone!
Her Pokemon Followed her into the Pokemon Center, with Shaymin waking up from an afternoon nap in a nearby tree and following suit.

Meanwhile, in the dorm rooms, Brent had brought Victini back to their room and made a spot in his bed for it. It was still fast asleep, so he left some Pokemon food out for it and headed out to find Lily and Alicia, maybe even Brooks, to tell them what happened.
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By MinerKombat1557
#162949 OOC: OK, I'll choose a Different one, because Skarmory is Decent on it's own. How about Mega Froslass. Ice/Ghost, with the ability Adaptability.Image
A Light Blue and Black mega stone appears above Riki.
"...Shulk.. Granting that is Very raining.. so i'd prefer if you Don't ask me to do that for a while..
"OK, We're gonna go take on the Gym later...
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By ShinyKeldeo
#163168 -Northwind Shrine, Sunset-
After Several Hours of Hounding and Hunting, Royal Skies Stood Victorious over the Legendary Pokemon Suicune.
Lancer: Excellent, Phase 1 of Operation Trinity is Complete.
He Looks over to the rest of the group, and turns away again. Galahad is Loading Suicune into a Transport Chopper with his Brute Strength, with two Royal Skies Grunts manning the controls.
Grunt 1: You Sure That Thing is Out Cold? I Don't Want it Waking Up Halfway to HQ...
Grunt 2: You Forget, that cage back there is built to keep Pokemon Immobilized, both Physically and Mentally.
Galahad: *Grunts Pushing Suicune All the Way Into the Cage, Closes Door* There We Go, All Loaded Up and Ready to Go.
He Pats the Side of the Chopper and they Begin Bringing the Systems Online. Lancer Jumps in the Back Seat.
Lancer: My Job Here is Done, You All are to Head on to Phase 2 of Trinity, I'm Heading to Phase 3 to Assist Gwen and Her Team.
Galahad: Understood, Good Luck to You, and Thank You for Your Assistance. Hopefully We Won't Need it Next Time.
Lancer Cracks a Small Smile, then Closes the Chopper Door. The Chopper Lifts off and Heads for a Location Unknown, while Galahad and his Team Load up in their Van and Head for Their Next Destination.

-Riviera Town Pokemon Center-
After Lily and Alicia Returned, Brent Explained What had Happened in the Ruin of the Guardian.
Lily: So You Had One of Those Marks Appear on Your Hand Too?
Brent: Yeah, I'm Still Not Sure About this whole "Legendary Guardian" Thing Yet Though...
Alicia: Legendary Guardian? That Old Story About the Chosen Ones Who Overthrew the Warlord With the Legendary Pokemon? It's Actually Real?
Lily: That's What Brooks Says, and Now It Looks Like Brent is a Legendary Guardian!
Brent: I'm Still Not Convinced... But I'm Not Counting Out the Possibility of it Being True Now.
Alicia: How About We Sleep On it, I'm Bushed.
Lily: Yeah, Sleep Will Help You Think Straight, We've Been Busy the Past Few Days.
Brent: Yeah, Let's Hit the Sack, I'll Think More in the Morning, Preferably after Breakfast.
The Trio Dawned Their Night Clothes and Headed off to sleep, Lily Knowing What Would Happen if Brent Really did Become a Legendary Guardian.

About Midnight, Everyone Was Fast Asleep with not a Sound in the Building. As the Town Clock Struck Midnight, That's When it Happened. Brent Looked Around Him, He Appeared to Be Floating in some kind of bright golden space. Before him a bright light materialized into the Legendary Pokemon Arceus.
Arceus: Brent, You Have Been Chosen to Partner With the Pokemon of Legend to Defend this World from the Coming Evil.
Brent: This... Isn't a Dream, Is It?
Arceus: It is, and It is Not, Once a Legendary Guardian's Power has been Activated, I will Contact them on the Midnight of that day and deliver upon them this message. I know you are skeptical of this Legend, but I assure you it is true. Soon the day will come when you all will unite and defend this world, from what I cannot be sure. You will know in time, until then, farewell...
The Vision fades out, and Brent wakes up and springs upright, looking around. He's back in his dorm at the Pokemon Center, Lily and Alicia are gone, probably to eat. He gets up and Sees Victini is Gone, and rushes to get dressed and find him.

[OOC] Oooh, Mega Froslass, I Like it, It's Original (At Least More Original than Mega Skarmory, So Many People Wanted Mega Skarmory...). I'll Add that to the Megas List.