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By Sparkydalmtion
#166414 TRAINER NAME- Drake
POKEMON- Houndor, Sneasel, and Riolu
GOAL- Figuring out how to keep a mega-evolved pokemon mega-evolved forever, discover new lands, and how to make a gateway into the pokemons world (Pokemon mystery dungeon ;-) )
PERSONALITY- Very giddy and excited; likes to get a big head but evaluates situations
HOMETOWN- Lumiose City, decided to move out of the big city to Amber Town
KEYSTONE- Headpiece
My character would be something like this :-D, He looks exactly like this guy ... 2574534152
By joane
#177437 Name: Sarya
Gender: female
Pokemon: charizard
Goal: Nothing otherly than trying to find out who else is a legendary guardian, and to warn them from a danger.... (What kind ouf danger you will find out in rp)
Personalety: very shy, and smart. is very nice too
Hometown: Riviera town
Legendary guardian: Lugia
Keystone: Nope
I would be that.