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By ShinyKeldeo
#160519 This is my Mystery Dungeon RP, also going to be the Prequel to my Fanfic, Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Legendaries Unite. Here's the Story:

"His Rise was Swift, as he gathered his forces quickly. Mewtwo had grown dark in his heart, and as such he had only the ambition to destroy all in his way and control the Pokemon World. War had come to the world that had been so peaceful."

"Only One Thing Stood in his Way, The Army of Vast Legendary Pokemon, Led by Mew. The Legendary Pokemon Stood Firm in the face of the outnumbering odds, ready to fight to the bitter end to protect this world."

That's the gist of it all, Mewtwo has turned evil, and gathered an army to take over the world. Only Mew Can Stop Him, and he has gathered an army of legendary Pokemon to aid him.

Pokemon (Legendary Pokemon that are Major (Ho-Oh, Zekrom, etc), or those that could be considered the strongest/leaders (Suicune, Regigigas, etc), Also Leaving Out Gen 6 Legendaries For Now, as Well as you cannot become Mewtwo, Mew, Arceus, Darkrai, Genesect, or Deoxys:
Team: Example: Swords of Justice (Keldeo, Cobalion, Terrakion, Virizion)

Here's My App for Example:
Pokemon: Keldeo
Team: Swords of Justice
Personality: Often Reckless, But a Great Leader With a True Sense of Justice.
Moves: Secret Sword, Focus Blast, Hydro Pump, Double Team.

Will Start With a Basic Starting Point Where People Can Join In.
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By ShinyKeldeo
#160520 The Air in the Chamber had grown still and silent, as the Legendary Council came forth to deliver the bitter news. All the Legendary Teams Watched as Each Deity Legendary Took Their Places.
Arceus: "We Have Grave News on this day, as Mewtwo has Declared War on ALL Legendary Pokemon. What Drove Him to Such Madness Even I Do Not Know..."
Not even a mutter was heard from the stone silent audience as they waited for him to continue.
"We Must Stay Adament in our Pursuits as well however. We Will NOT Allow Him to Cause Such Tyranny in our Peaceful World. This Day Marks the Beginning of a Great War that will Change this World Forever. We Will Inform You Of Changes as Time Progresses. Adjourned."
The Legendary Teams that entered that day had been full of hope that conflict had been resolved. As they left, the solemn expressions on their faces and the lack of speech coming from them told everyone that everything was about to change.
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By MinerKombat1557
#161502 Pokemon: Palkia
Team: The Creation Trio (Palkia, Dialga, Giratina)
Personality: Serious and Quick on his feet, thinks of others before Himself
Palkia's Moves: Spacial Rend, Hydro Pump, Draco Meteor, Earthquake
Dialga's Moves: Roar of time, Flash cannon, Toxic, Hyper Beam
Giratina's Moves: Aura Sphere, Shadow Sneak, Dragon Pulse, Shadow Force
(Each of them are Holding there Respective Orbs)
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By ShinyKeldeo
#161509 @MinerKombat1557 Accepted, you can start posting whenever since the starting point is established.

Also, Keep in Mind that Your Team is one of the Deity Legendary Teams, Basically Being Gods, and are members of the Legendary Council. So Watch Closely for Meetings of the Council, when they are together, and when they are called and such.
They Have Much Greater Roles than Teams Like the Swords of Justice and such.
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By MinerKombat1557
#161540 (Pink=Palkia, Blue=Dialga, Black=Giratina)
Silence, I couldn't hear anything, their shocked expression Described everything we just heard, i looked over to Dialga, He carried a Less worried expression, in the small pool Infront me was Kyogre, not showing much Expression, as i couldn't really see him well
"Dialga... Did you hear that..?"
"I did, but i wish i hadn't..."
"Permission to Speak, Lord Arceus?"
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By ShinyKeldeo
#161545 -Just Outside the Council Chambers-
As the Deity Legendaries Continued to Converse, the Other Teams Were Chatting among Themselves before Returning to their Respective Bases.
(I Will be Controlling the Teams That Don't Have People for the Moment until we Have People for Them)
Suicune: Mewtwo Really Has Gone off the Deep End this Time, Threatening War Against US.
Registeel: We Have No Choice Then, He Must be Destroyed to Maintain Peace in this World.
???: There Has to be Something We Can Do, To Bring Him Back to His Senses.
Everyone Turned to see Mew, Mewtwo's Former Partner, Watching them All with a Distressed Look on His Face.
Keldeo: Mew, I Know How Much You Want to Save Him, But We Have No Choice Now, He's Declared War on Us, and We Will Defeat Him and Keep This World Protected.
Mew Slowly Began to Cry as the Other Pokemon Gathered around Trying to Comfort Him...

-Back in the Council Chambers-
Arceus: I Don't See Much Room for Debate, Palkia, The Decision Has Been Made Clear by Mewtwo.
Groudon: Come on, Sir, Let Palkia Say What he Wants to Say, It Might be Important.
Ho-Oh: I Agree, They Have Given Good Points in the Past.
The Council all Turned and Looked at Arceus Sternly, and Finally he Gave in.
Arceus: Okay then, if you all agree then, What is Your Question Palkia?
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By MinerKombat1557
#161555 Thank you Milord, anyways, As the Time Draws near, Mewtwo may strike at any Minute, I ask... May we Go fetch Giratina from the Distortion world? This is a time Where we'll need him,more then ever
PALKIA! Are you crazy! Giratina of all People! You know what happened before!
Dialga, i am Well aware, but You know that the times are Desperate, We need all the help we can get.
...You make a Valid Point...
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By ShinyKeldeo
#161559 -Still in the Council Chambers-
Arceus: Why Isn't Giratina Here, He Knows How Important This Meeting Was Supposed to Be...
Rayquaza: That isn't Like him at all, It would be best to go and check on him.
Arceus: Agreed, Go and Find Him Dialga, Palkia.

-The Swords of Justice' Base-
After Leaving from the Council Area, the team of Keldeo, Cobalion, Terrakion, and Virizion, returned to their remote base named Mount Justice. They Discussed What had happened.
Cobalion: We must prepare ourselves for the coming evil, what do you all think?
Virizion: I feel so sorry for poor Mew, Losing one who he considered a brother...
Terrakion: I'm with you Cobalion, Mewtwo plans to take over the world? Not with us around!
Keldeo: Something that Mew Said... He isn't Telling us the whole story. He know's something that he won't tell us...
Cobalion: What makes you say that?
Keldeo: The look in his eyes, something terrible happened that he thinks he can reverse...
Virizion: Then How About we go and see him personally? We might be able to do something to prevent this whole war after all.
Terrakion: I'd say give the little guy some space, after what happened he should get some time to himself.
The Swords of Justice Continued to Contemplate What They Would Do Next, as All the Legendary Teams Were.

-The Distortion World-
???: You Were a Fool, You Demonic Creeton, to Bring Me Here and Fight Me 1v1.
Floating in the Air of the Distortion World was the imposing figure of Mewtwo, and under him was the beaten and bruised Giratina, who had foolishly tried to end the war before it began.
Mewtwo: Let this mark the first of many Victories of my army and determination to see the Pokemon world under my rule!
Behind him, a portal opened, created by the pure power of Mewtwo's mind.
Giratina: Urf, You Won't Get Away With This... *Passes Out*
Mewtwo: Oh I Will, You'll See, You'll All See!
Mewtwo Slips through the Portal, Leaving Giratina There for Dead...

(Btw, The Teams in This are all Concrete, The Legendary Pokemon all Keep the World in Balance, in lay mans terms, All Good guys unless otherwise Stated, and act that way in their own way if that makes sense.)
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By MinerKombat1557
#161563 A small Portal opened in the air of the distortion world, out came Palkia and Dialga, who Looked around, Dialga was the first to see Giratina
Giratina! The blue Legendary flew over to the Shadow Dragon, who was collapsed on the ground
What happened here?
Can't exactlly say i know... i Couldn't beat him.. too strong...
Woah there... who? and Why don't you have your Orb?
It was Mewtwo... He was.. too strong...
Ahh, crap... if he was already here, we gotta get you back to Arceus, he'll Patch you up. or at least Mew will...
Dialga! What happened here?
Mewtwo got Giratina, you go see if you can find a trace, but whatever happens, do not Engage him... i'll take Giratina back to the chambers.
Dialga opened a Portal infront of him, and housted giratina over his back, and walked through, ending upback in the room where the others were
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By ShinyKeldeo
#161565 -Undisclosed Location-
???: Your First Official Victory, my Lord, The first of Many I Hope.
???: We Live Only to Serve You, Lord Mewtwo, and Achieve Victory Under you Mighty Hand.
???: We Will Dominate the World Under Your Guidance, And Achieve What Others Could Not.
Mewtwo: Deoxys, Darkrai, Genesect, You are my Most Loyal Servants, So I Entrust Leadership of My Armies. Darkrai, You Will Command my Land Forces. Genesect, My Sky Forces. Deoxys, You Will be my Right Hand Man, Maintaining Control of All Forces Unassigned.
Deoxys, Darkai, Genesect: It is an Honor, My Lord.
Mewtwo: Now, Where to Strike Next...
Darkrai: I Have an Idea, My Lord...

-Temple of Legends-
Lugia: So Mewtwo has Made his First Move...
Zekrom: Grah! Giratina, How Could You Be So Foolish as To Engage Him Alone?!
Reshiram: Be Easy With Him, He Was Doing What he Thought Was Right, Zekrom.
Arceus: Well, Whatever the Case Now, It Has Begun. All of the Legendary Teams are at This Moment Preparing for the Inevitable. We Must as Well.
Giratina Is Taken to the Healing Chambers, While the Legendaries Try to Figure Out Where Mewtwo Will Strike Next.
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