By Shadowumbreon
#161876 Pokemon: Victini
Team: Young Legendaries (mostly working in a duo with Jirachi)
Personality: Modest, admires Arceus and the Tao Trio. Goes all out when it comes to defend his friends or very hard battles.
Victini's Moves: Searing Shot, Thunder, Glaciate, Focus Blast
Jirachi's Moves: Iron Head, Fire Punch, Ice Punch, Wish
Victinis Held Item: Life Orb
Jirachis Held Item: Leftovers
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By ShinyKeldeo
#161893 -Battlefield-
Darkrai: That Light, that was Palkia was it not?
Genesect: Yes, Everything is Going as Planned, Prepare for Phase 2 of Operation Warp.
Darkrai: Forward Team, Advance, Rear Team Covering Fire!
Genesect: All Forces Engage the Target, Keep Them Pinned Down Until Phase 3 Can be Achieved.
All: Yes Sir!
All the Forces Began a Fierce Assault on the Small Cave and Mountain that the Legendary Pokemon Were Holed Up In.

-Mount Justice-
Keldeo: Something is Wrong, I've Got a Sick Feeling to my Stomach, and It's Not Those Berries for Lunch.
Cobalion: I Know, That Feeling of Dread in the Air... Something Big is Happening.
Terrakion: I Don't Feel It... Okay Maybe a Little...
Virizion: Something Terrible is About to Happen, But What?
It Wasn't Just the Swords of Just Feeling This Way, Many of the Legendary Pokemon Had Been Feeling Like This All Afternoon. The Balance Was Shifting, Which Meant Disaster was Eminent.

-Mewtwo's Base-
Mewtwo Watched On as the Assault Continued. However, He Grew Ever More Displeased.
Mewtwo: This Should Have Been Done By Now, Darkrai is Being Too Careful, and Genesect is Being Too Aggressive...
Deoxys: May I Suggest Myself Taking Command of the Mission, My Lord? I Can Straighten Things Out Quickly.
Mewtwo: See To It Then, I Want This Mission Completed Without Fail, Understood?
Deoxys: Yes, Lord Mewtwo.
Deoxys Departed Quickly For the Battle, Ready to End this Quickly.
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By ShinyKeldeo
#161910 @ShadowUmbreon Denied Sadly, I'll Specify Why.

Victini and Jirachi are not an official group or team, nor a major legendary. What I Mean is that the Established Teams are the Ones im Looking For. I'll List Them For You:

-Moltres, Zapdos, Articuno - Legendary Birds
-Entei, Raikou, Suicune - Legendary Beasts
-Regirock, Regice, Registeel, Regigigas - Legendary Golems
-Groudon, Kyogre, Rayquaza - Weather Trio
-Uxie, Azelf, Mespirit - Lake Guardians
-Zekrom, Reshiram, Kyruem - Tao Trio
Tornadus, Thundurus, Landorus - Forces of Nature

These are the Open Teams At the Moment, I Would Say Latios and Latias, but those are a special case for no. Also, the Bolded Names are the ones I at least consider the strongest/leaders, you may have different opinions. Blank Team Names Also Mean There is No Commonly Referred Name or I Can't Think of One.

Thanks Miner for the Tao Trio
Thanks Google Search for The Weather Trio XD
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By ShinyKeldeo
#161919 -Battlefield-
Darkrai: Genesect, Your Pushing too Aggressively, and Blocking My Troops Shots.
Genesect: You're Moving too Slowly, You Aren't Pushing Them To Their Breaking Point, You're Always Too Careful.
Deoxys Arrives Right in Between Them, Stunning Them Both.
Deoxys: How About This: I'm Taking Charge Here Now, Mewtwo's Orders. This Operation Must Succeed, There is No Room For Failure.
Darkrai and Genesect: Yes Sir, Awaiting Orders.
Deoxys: Genesect, Pull Your Troops Back A Bit, You're Losing Too Many of Them. Darkrai, Push Your Troops Forward to Reinforce The Ground so We Don't Lose Any Ground. Have Your Rear Forces Continue Long Range Attacks, But Move Forward Slowly.
Darkrai and Genesect: It Shall Be Done, Sir.
They Immediately Gave the New Orders to Their Troops, Watching the Shifting in Positions.

-Legendary Birds' Base-
Zapdos: What Are they Doing Now?
Articuno: Look, Over There, Do You See What I See?
Moltres: I've Never Seen That One Before, But the Way Those Two are Acting, He's Higher Ranked Than Both of Them.
Articuno: We Need Some Serious Help Here, Palkia, When are the Others Going to Get Here?!
Another Massive Tremor Was Sent Through the Peak, Signaling the Assault on the Base of the Peak.
Zapdos: That... Didn't Sound Good...
Moltres: If They Take Out the Base of This Place, We'd be Sitting Psyducks Out There.
They Contemplated Their Options, Hoping Someone Could Come Up With an Idea to Save Them.

-Mewtwo's Base-
Mewtwo Watched On, Satisfied Now that Deoxys Had Taken Command. But He was Bored of Sitting Around Watching his Minions Do His Dirty Work.
Mewtwo: I Think I'll Take a Stroll, the Towering Peaks Seem Nice Today. *Stands Up* I've Been Watching for Far Too Long, Now I Shall Enjoy the Heat of Battle!
Mewtwo then Zoomed Off Towards the Towering Peaks, Eager to See the End of This Battle Brought Himself.
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By MinerKombat1557
#161922 "It's not safe here, we need to go... they have us Pinned... but i have an Idea...
Palkia Opened a portal next to them
"I'm not sure where we willgo, but it'll give us Enough time to think. You go on ahead, Giratina will becoming by to assist me.
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By ShinyKeldeo
#161925 Articuno: Moltres, Zapdos, Go, Hurry!
Moltres and Zapdos Rushed Through the Portal, But Articuno Waited and Turned to Palkia.
Articuno: Be Safe, Don't Get Too Reckless, Something is Off About This Attack.
With Those Final Words, Articuno Hurried Through the Portal as it Closed.

Deoxys: That Light... A Portal Opened, We May Be Too Late...
Mewtwo Arrives Behind Them All.
Mewtwo: You Lack the Vision that I Have, Palkia Is Still There, Phase 3 Is Beginning. Keep Your Troops Out Here In Case Palkia Tries to Escape, I'm Going in, Alone.
Generals: Yes Lord Mewtwo!
Mewtwo Then Blasted Off Towards the Towering Peaks, Eager to Get His Battle Underway. He Landed in the Entrance of the Cave, and Stared at the Pink Dragon With Distaste.
Mewtwo: Palkia, How Kind of You to Join Us On This Day. Now If You'll Be So Kind as to Stand Perfectly Still This Will be Over Quickly *Forming Shadow Ball in Hands*.

-Portal Exit-
Moltres: Where... Are We?
Zapdos: Can't Tell, Still Getting My Bearings... I Hate Going Through Those Things.
Articuno: I Know This Place... This is where the Tao Trio Live, Maybe they're here!
Zapdos: Let's Hurry, Who Know's What's Happened to Palkia By Now!
By Shadowumbreon
ShinyKeldeo wrote:@ShadowUmbreon Denied Sadly, I'll Specify Why.

Victini and Jirachi are not an official group or team, nor a major legendary.

Ah Bummer, would have been nice if the little ones were entering too. Oh well if that's the case then I'll be:

Pokemon: Regigigas
Team: Leader of the Legendary Golems
Personality: Adamant. Not very talkative, but reliable once he's fully devoted into he fight.
Regigigas Moves: Drain Punch, Facade, Retaliate, Wide Guard
Regirock Moves: Stone Edge, Drain Punch, Fire Punch, Thunder Punch
Regice Moves: Ice Beam, Thunderbolt, Flash Cannon, Focus Blast
Registeel Moves: Earthquake, Shadow Claw, Seismic Toss, Thunder Wave
Regigigas Held Item: Leftovers
Regirock Held Item: Expert Belt
Regice Held Item: Expert Belt
Registeel Held Item: Leftovers
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By ShinyKeldeo
#161928 @ShadowUmbreon Need the Movesets for the Other Regis as Well, Otherwise Accepted.
By Shadowumbreon
ShinyKeldeo wrote:Need the Movesets for the Other Regis as Well, Otherwise Accepted.

Edited the post and added the movesets of the other Regis

-At the Battlefield-
The loud growling the colossal echoed through the mountains, alerting everyone in the region that someone very pissed was going to appear out from his deep slumber. Shortly after that did Regice opened fire against Mewtwo's Air Force, while Regirock charged right towards the Ground Forces of Mewtwo. A little thunder like flash charged right towards Mewtwo from the cave entrance while he wasn't looking. It was Registeel, who soon communicated with Palkia via telepathy

Registeel: Master Regigigas woke up from his deep slumber thanks to all this rukus. His mood isn't really the greatest now. Despite our appereance is immidiant evacuation is the best option, Lord of Space.

Regigigas was indeed very pissed from the situation, wideguarding his servants from the incoming attacks as he arrived at the battlefield. He wasn't fully awake yet while growling very angry, so many of the enemy forces can take the chance to run away before he can unleash his full potential.