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By MinerKombat1557
#161934 "You have a Point there Registeel, but they are here for Articuno, Zapdos, and Moltres, Alas, i shall fight with you. Giratina is on his way too.
Palkia Charged up, an Unleased a Powerful spacial rend on the Ground forces, wiping out a Couple of the rows, and also causing there to be a Small Earthquake, However, their forces kept on the Advance
Something akin to Glass breking could be Heard, and Giratina flew through a dark portal in his Origin form
"Time to finally cut loose..."
Giratina Unleashed a Draco Meteor on the rest of the ground forces, effectively wiping out the rest of them
(Update: Giratina Origin's Moves: Shadow Force, Draco Meteor, Hyper Beam, Aura Sphere
(Giratina's theme)
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By ShinyKeldeo
#161937 -Battlefield-
Deoxys: (Telepathy) Lord Mewtwo, it is Regigigas! We Did Not Account For This...
Mewtwo: (Telepathy) This is a marvelous Opportunity, Take Him, We Need Him Anyways.
Deoxys: Alright, All Forces Engage the Legendary Golems, Take Them Down!
The Regis Soon Found Themselves Swarmed by the Hundreds Upon Thousands of Enemy Pokemon.

Mewtwo: Ah, Giratina, Come for a Rematch Have You? I'd be Glad to Kick Your Tail Again, Along With Palkias.
He Rushed Forward, Grabbing Giratina by the Tail, then Literally Kicked it Out of the Cave.
Mewtwo: Now Then, Where Were We...

-Tao Trio's Base-
Articuno: Kyurem, Zekrom, Reshiram, are Any of you There?!
Loud Thundering Footsteps Followed, as Kyurem entered into the Light.
Kyurem: Articuno? What Are you all Doing Here?
Articuno Explained the Situation to Kyurem, Who was Quite Alarmed.
Kyurem: Reshiram, Zekrom, Come, We Must Go Aid Palkia at the Towering Peaks!
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By MinerKombat1557
#161938 "Good to see you too, Mewtwo..."
Giratina said, recovering in Midair, Soon vanishing from his Location, he then Reappeared behind Deoxys, and used Shadow force, Knocking him off balance,and Buying time for the Regis,Articuno, and Palkia
Back with Palkia and Registeel
"Arceus, Urgent News, Mewtwo's entire force is here, we need anyy form of back up! Call the Swords of Justice, Weather Trio, anyone!
Palkia looked up at Mewtwo
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By ShinyKeldeo
#161941 Mewtwo: Hearing Nothing But Static trying to talk to your Master, are You? That's Because of the Field I Have Created With My Mind Alone, It's Physically Impossible to get any Communication Out. You're Stuck with Me...
Mewtwo Smiled Happily, Letting Out a Villainous Laugh.
Mewtwo: You Still Don't Understand Do You? This Wasn't About the Legendary Birds, At Least Not Yet. This Was a Trap Laid Out Just For You, My Dear God of Space. Your Powers Were Becoming a Great Nuisance in my Efforts, So I Will Remove that Problem.
Mewtwo Rushed Forward, Seemingly in the Blink of An Eye, Ramming Palkia into the Rear of the Cave, Embedding Him Into It.
Mewtwo: You Will Find Fighting Me Next to Impossible Now, I Have Grown Just that Strong. Prepare for the End.

Deoxys: Watch Your Backs, Giratina is Trying to Take Us Out From Behind!
Darkrai Stood Completely Still, Listening for the Sound, Waiting for the Touch of his Senses. Then...
Darkrai: There You Are, Night Slash!
He Lunged at a Seemingly Clear Spot, Landing a Direct Hit on Giratina. Giratina was stunned, never before had anyone beaten his Shadow Sneak. Not Realizing He had Dropped His Orb, He Rushed Forward in Rage.
Meanwhile, Genesect and His Forces Had Been Pushing Back the Golems. Regice was Down, Regirock Seemed to be Struggling, but Registeel and Regigigas Were Still In It.
Genesect: Press Your Attack Now, They are Vulnerable!

-Mount Justice-
After Recieving Word of the Attack from the Legendary Birds, Kyurem and his Teammates Made Quick Progress to the Base of the Swords of Justice.
Keldeo: Palkia is Fighting Alone!?
Kyurem: Articuno Said Giratina May Show Up, But it Might Be Too Late.
Cobalion: We Have to Get There Now, Let's Book it, Double Time!
All: Right!
So the Tao Trio, Swords of Justice, and Legendary Beasts and Birds Took Off For the Towering Peaks, Which Was Many Miles Away...
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By MinerKombat1557
#161944 (You wrote Shadow sneak, it's actually: Shadow Force
The user disappears, then strikes the target on the second turn. It hits even if the target protects itself.)

"M...Must my time be up... so soon..?
Giratina collapsed on the ground, unmoving, he returned to his altered forme, his Orb had been sliced clean in Two, Making Giratina's Life force Unstable
"Can't go on.."
Palkia Used the last of his Power to Pause space. The Pokemon, other them him couldn't move as Palkia opened a Portal to his Dimension, the healing chambers could not Recover him due to how much damage he Sustained, he is forced to Recharge in a place Nobody can find, time Unpaused as soon as he Vanished
"No.. NO NO! NO!!
Dialga slammed one of his legs against the floor of the Healing chambers, getting up, Still in his weakened state
"Gotta.. go.. fight... back...
Blissey: You can't, Dialga, it's Impossible, you can't hold a torch to a Lucario right now.
"You make a valid Point... My last movement in this war will have to call a Entire backup army under my name..."
Dialga sent a Roar through time, Calling any Ancient Legendary Pokemon, and Ancient Pokemon in General to Rise and fight back against The current day Mewtwo, the Surge ofe nergy from the Roar being able to revive Many Thought extinct Pokemon
(NOTE: I wanna RP as the gen 6 Legendarys Later on, being Xerneas, Yveltal, and Zygarde, and Since there is Only one of the Creation Trio left right now, Palkia and Giratina have both been Mortally wounded, and Dialga is still Recovering from the Swords of Justice battle, i need anothe team, and why not these 3. They are my 2nd favourite team next to the Creation trio, i will Post an App for them if this is Approved,if not, can i use Primal Dialga?)
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By ShinyKeldeo
#161950 -Battlefield-
Deoxys: You Idiot, Darkrai, We Needed that Orb!
Mewtwo Returns, Disappointed that He Could not Finish What He Started with Palkia.
Mewtwo: This Orb... is Easily Repaired by my Powers.
He Picked up the Orb, and pushed the two pieces together. His Eyes Glowed Bright, and the orb fused back in two. He also held up Palkia's Lustrous Orb Alongside the Repaired Griseous Orb.
Genesect: Hey, We Could use Some Help Over Here!
They Looked to see that a massive complement of Legendary Pokemon had arrived and begun plowing their way through their forces.
Mewtwo: Bah, We Have What We Came For, Fall Back!
Mewtwo's Army Began a Full Retreat, Disappearing over the horizon as the sun rose.

Keldeo: Guys, Over Here! It's Giratina!
The Legendary Pokemon Crowded around, Looking at the Beaten and Bruised Body.
Reshiram: Is He...
Giratina Suddenly Started Breathing Normally Again, His Life Force Rebalanced by the repair of his orb.
Zekrom: He's Still Alive, Thank Arceus, But Where's Palkia?
The Pokemon Looked Around, But Could Find no Trace of Palkia. Residual Energy in the Area However (Detected by the Regis) Showed a Recent Portal in Space Opened.
Cobalion: He Must have Escaped, I Hope He's Alright...
Kyurem: Come, We Must all Return to the Temple of Legends, I'll Take Giratina, You All Get the Golems Moving.

-Mewtwo's Base-
Mewtwo had been sour ever since the battle and come to an end. It was clear he was upset that he was unable to actually finish his battle.
Deoxys: At Least We Have the Lustrous and Griseous Orb. And We Still Have Mespirit.
Genesect: Yes, We Could have had Regigigas As Well, If It Weren't for the Sudden Arrival of those Legendaries.
Mewtwo Remained Stone Silent, Simply Glaring Down at His Viewing Orb.
Darkrai: I Suggest We Leave Lord Mewtwo Alone for a While, He Seems to not be very Talkative At the Moment.
Deoxys: Agreed.
The Three Generals Left the Room, and as soon as the door closed, Mewtwo was Fuming.
Mewtwo: GRAH! Curse that Palkia and not letting me finish what I Started. That Giratina Also Survived Because I Repaired that Cursed Orb! Can I Not Win Ever?!
Mewtwo Continued Raging for Several Hours, And No One Was Willing to Go In and Stop Him.

(@MinerKombat I'm Gonna Shoot You a PM Telling You Why I've Done the Things I've Done So Far, It'll Make More Sense and Hopefully Help Keep The Story Together.)
By Shadowumbreon
#161951 -At the Battlefield-

This battle left indeed some scars and wounds on the Regis. Regice and Regirock took both a lot of damage, but were still up and alive for now. Registeel helped out both of his friends, following the other Legendarys towardsm the Temple of Legends

Regirock: Urg... next time won't I get scratched so easily.
Regice: Can it Regirock... they were owerwhelming us by sheer mass.
Registeel: At least did we messed up Mewtwos plan a bit. Right?

Regigigas was following the fellow Legendarys in his own tempo, still grumbeling a bit from the situation before mentioning what he haves in mind right now
Regigigas: At least did we lost no one during this battle... but where is Cresselia when we need her help?! (She and Darkrai are the Lunar Duo after all.)
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By ShinyKeldeo
#161959 (If You Haven't Noticed Darkrai Is Kind of a General in Mewtwo's Army, Leaving Cresselia as One Pokemon. Also (Though I Haven't Uploaded This Far Yet) Cresselia Plays a Role in the Sequel Fanfic to This.)

-Temple of Legends-
Arceus: I Did Not Believe that I Would Ever See the Day, That the Creation Trio Would be So Thoroughly Beaten... Mewtwo Has Become Far Stronger Than I Imagined.
All of the Legendary Teams Had Assembled Here Now, Knowing that This Could be the Most Important Meeting of the Legendary Council to Date.
Arceus: Also, I Have Found Palkia. He Is in a Healing Stasis in His Dimension, For How Long I Cannot Tell. Giratina is Also Taking the Healing Treatments Well, But Will Be Out for Some Time.
Kyurem: So, What Do We Do Now?
???: We Stop Him, At Any Cost!
Everyone Turned to See Mew Standing in the Doorway, a Determined Look in His Eyes.
Mew: I've Seen Now that There is No Hope to Save Mewtwo, One I Considered my Brother, From the Darkness That Has Taken Over His Heart. The Only Thing We Can Do Now, is Destroy Him...
Keldeo: Mew... It Takes Heart to Say Something Like That About One You Thought of As Your Brother...
Suicune: But How Can We Stop Him? He Has Defeated Even the Creation Trio!
Mew: I Don't Know, but Somehow We Will Stop Him. I've Been Speaking With Xatu for Days, and He Predicts Only One Outcome for This War: Destruction. But There are Two Possible Outcomes From That: Either the Legendary Pokemon are Wiped out, Or Mewtwo is No More, We Have a Chance Here.
Everything is Silent in the Chambers as Everyone Ponders What Mew Has Said.
Rayquaza: ...I Believe Him, I Believe We Can Do This.
Kyurem: We've Defended This World Many Times Over, Each Time Just Gets Tougher That's All.
Keldeo: If We All Work Together, There's Nothing We Can't Do!
Suicune: I Don't Know if All This Talk is Getting To Me, But Same Here!
Articuno: Palkia Put His Life on the Line for Ours, We Have to Pay Him Back!
Landorus: It Will Be Difficult, But All of Us Together, Justice Shall Prevail!
Arceus Watched as Each Legendary Took the Vow to Defeat Mewtwo, Just as They Had Taken the Oath's to Protect This World So Long Ago...
Arceus: Then I Believe It is Decided, Mewtwo Will be Brought to Justice for His Crimes Against Pokemon Kind. We All Must Prepare Now, We Will Train Day and Night to Surpass His Power and Defeat Him Once and For All!
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By MinerKombat1557
#161964 "May we Prevail.."
Dialga was seen Limping out of the Healing chambers
"I haven't given up yet... But for now it Looks like i'm the only Member of the Creation Trio who's still able to fight back..."
He stopped Limping, and got to his feet
"While Giratina and Palkia recover, I shall be the Sole Representetive of the Creation Trio, and i will do anything in my Power to See us Succeed, Mewtwo MUST be stopped at all costs, and i am willing to do Whatever i can.
Dialga looked up at Arceus
"For I pray for our Success."
By Shadowumbreon
#161967 The Temple of Legends

The Golems were also part in the meeting for the first time after Regigigas deep slumber. Both Regice and Regirock were in healing threatment while Registeel and Regigigas overlistened the conversation of the others

Registeel: I defenetly agree that Mewtwo needs to be putted down once and for all. But we defenetly need a plan that involves everyone loyal to Arceus to stop Mewtwo. Do you agree Master Regigigas?

Regigigas nodded to what his right hand said, after all does he entrust him with the planning between Registeel and the other two Regis

Regigias: I don't want to sound doubtful, but even Arceus himself will have trouble with Mewtwo when it comes to a face to face combat. After all was he created with Mews genes by the Humans.