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By ShinyKeldeo
#161993 Keldeo: What Are you Talking About Regigigas? Humans Are Only A Myth Aren't They?
Arceus: In This World They Are. There Are Many Different worlds I Have Created In the Past Millennium, At This Point I've Lost count.
Keldeo: Still... There Have Never been Humans in This World, Have There?
Kyurem: Let's Get Back on Track... Regigigas Raises a Good Question, how do we stop one so powerful?
Arceus: There is an ancient ritual that can bring all of our powers into one being. But It's Risky, so I entrusted the Creation Trio with the power needed to start it, stored within their orbs.
Reshiram: Wait... What did you just say? It's In Their Orbs?!
Reshiram Flashes Back to When the Arrived at the battlefield, he saw Mewtwo Holding the Lustrous Orb and Griseous Orb, and Proclaim "We Have what we came for..."
Reshiram: Mewtwo Has Both Palkia's and Giratina's Orbs, He Even Said That "They Had What they Came For"!
Arceus: Are You Certain Of This?
Zekrom: Reshiram Is Never Wrong, I Can Vouch for That One. He Saw and Heard What He Saw and Heard.
Arceus: Then We Must Get Them Back, and Protect Dialga's Adament Orb at All Costs!
All of the Legendary Pokemon Began Rushing Back To Their Bases to Prepare. So Far Mewtwo Had Been Making the Attacks Against Them. Now, It Was Their Turn to Strike...
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By MinerKombat1557
#161994 "Without my Orb,i am Weakened, but it's still no Match for Mewtwo, i will Remain here and Guard it."
Dialga said, His orb floating infront of him
"IF the time calls, i will assist. But for now, I am a Guard of my Orb."
By Shadowumbreon
#161999 The Temple of Legends

Registeel nodded to the plan Arceus had, then turned to his Master

Registeel: I belive that one of the attacks you got hit with might have caused you to hallucinate about the so called "Humans" that don't exist here, Master. Anyway... Mewtwo might expect us to try to get the orbs back... so he'll be very prepared to defend them...

Regigigas shrugged from that answer, before he and Registeel decided to meet up with the other two Golemsto discuss about further movements against Mewtwo and his Army.
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By ShinyKeldeo
#162148 -Mount Justice-
After the meeting in the Temple of Legends, Every Legendary Pokemon had Rushed to their bases to prepare.
Keldeo: Pack As Many Berries and Seeds as You Can, We'll Need Every Single One!
Virizion: If That's the Case, Everyone Grab A Treasure Bag for Themselves, One Won't Hold All of Our Supplies.
Terrakion: I'll Grab the Extras from Downstairs.
Everyone Was In a Hurry, Gathering all the Supplies They Could, Locking Up Their Bases, and Preparing for All Out War.

-Mewtwo's Base-
After Mewtwo had Finally Calmed Down, the Three Generals Gathered in his Chamber, Each With Their Second in Commands. Darkrai had Brought Absol, Genesect had Brought a Talonflame, and Deoxys had Brought No One, As He Himself Was Mewtwo's Second in Command.
Mewtwo: I Believe it is time that we truly make our presense known to the world, and I know just how to do it.
A Map of the Known world appeared on Mewtwo's Viewing Orb, With a Path Clearly Marked Out.
Mewtwo: A Massive March, Leading Right Through the Major Pokemon Villages, Until We Reach the Other Side of the Continent.
Darkrai: A March of This Scale, We Will Most Likely Take Many Casualties in the Process, and it Will Require All of the Supplies We Have.
Deoxys: It Will Also Leave Our Base Vulnerable to Attack. They Could Free the Prisoners and Retake the Lustrous and Griseous Orbs.
Mewtwo: That is Why We Will be Bringing Them All With Us. Leave Nothing Behind. And Leave a Trap For Anyone Coming to Snoop Around.
Genesect: Going In With All of Our Heavy Firepower at Once, I Like This Plan.
Darkrai: The Strategy is Sound, I Agree with the Course of Action.
Deoxys: If You Have Thought this All Out As You have Stated, My Lord, I Have No Objections.
Mewtwo: Good, Inform the Armies, We March at Dawn!
All: Yes Lord Mewtwo!
By Shadowumbreon
#162149 Cave base of the Regis

After the meeting and the recover of the two other Regis were all Golems back into their base to prepare for an all out war, even though a bit questioned.

Regirock: What do you mean an all out war?!? That's a bit TOO crazy, even for Master!
Regice: Did you forgot what Registeel told us on the way back here? We need to stop Mewtwo and his army at ALL cost from taking over this world.
Regirock: But how do you want to stop a madman like Mewtwo?! He even took Giratina out on his own without a scratch...
Regice: Regirock, don't forget for who we're fighting this war for... and they all depends on us, so failure is NOT an option.

Regigigas was already prepared for the all out final war against the good and the evil. It's not his first war, but he still is anexted from it while trying to remain calm by looking at the sun set. His 2nd in command Registeel soon appeared to ask him something

Registeel: Umm... Master? You allright?
Regigigas turned his head towards him and shook his head a moment
Regigias: To think that this will be the last time I see the sunset in peaceful manner... our enemy is the strongest we've ever faced before... many civilians will suffer from the war, especially after the war incase we... loose...
Registeel frowned a moment to hear that phrase from his Master

Registeel: So you mean... there will be no real victories in the war when there are civilian casualties.
Regigias: Yes... but let's hope we'll be able to prevail as much damage as we can during this war...
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By ShinyKeldeo
#162370 -Temple of Legends, Early Dawn-
The Legendary Council and Teams had Gathered at Last, Preparing for a Full Out Assault on Mewtwo's Base to Retrieve the Orbs. That Was, Until Absol Arrived.
Arceus: Absol, What Have You Learned as Of Yet?
Absol: Mewtwo and His Army are Marching Out Any Second Now, I Told Them I Would Scout the Path Ahead. He's Playing it Extra Cautious Now, Not Letting the Lustrous or Griseous Orbs Out of His Sight. He Is Also Taking Mespirit With Them.
Kyurem: Where are they Marching To?
Absol Pulled a Map Out of His Bag with the Plans Written Down on It.
Absol: He's Going to March Straight Through the Center of the Continent, Making Detours Only to The Towns and Villages Along The Way... Who Knows What He'll Do to Them...
Keldeo: Then We've Got to Head Him Off Somewhere Here... That Could Work!
Keldeo Pointed to an Ancient Valley which was the only way into the very center of the continent for the path they were taking.
Suicune: That Could Work... We Would have the Advantage of Surprise, As Well as a Good Height Advantage.
Rayquaza: Let Us Not Be Too Hasty Here. We Can't Have Our Entire Force On the Front Lines, It Could Equally be a Firing Line for Mewtwo's Troops.
Arceus: Agreed, So Here's What We'll Do. The Swords of Justice, Legendary Beasts, and Legendary Birds Will Hold the First Line. If They Fall, The Golems and Weather Trio Will Be at the Exit of the Valley to Help Hold the Line. It all Positions Fall, We Will Pull Back Here and Rethink Our Plans.
Everyone: Right!
Absol: I Wish I Could Help More, But I Must Return Before Mewtwo's Army Misses Me, If I Am to Keep Up this Charade.
Arceus: We Thank You for Your Bravery, Let This Conflict End Swiftly.
With That, Absol Departed as Quickly as He Had Arrived, and the Legendary Pokemon Moved Out to Prepare to Counter Mewtwo. After They Had Left, The Tao Trio and the Forces of Nature Were Left with Arceus and Dialga.
Kyurem: Why Are We Not on the Front Lines?
Arceus: Mewtwo is a Brilliant Strategist, I Wouldn't Put it Past Him to Expand All Those Resources as a Diversion, So He Could Come and Steal Dialga's Adament Orb.
Landorus: Good Thinking, We Never Thought of That...
Reshiram: No Problem, We Will Not Let Anything Near that Orb as Long as We Live.

-Mewtwo's Base, Dawn-
Darkrai: Ah, Absol, How Does the Path Look?
Absol: I Checked All the Way to the Valley about Twenty Miles Ahead, All Clear. But that Valley is the Only Way To Get Further into the Region, we Have No Choice But to Go Through it.
Darkrai: Yes, But I Am Confident We Will Make It At Least That Far Without Incident.
Mewtwo: Never Be Too Sure of Your Predictions, Darkrai, As I Said Before, Not Everything Can Be Predicted.
Genesect Arrived, and Landed Next to Darkrai, Facing Mewtwo.
Genesect: My Troops Are Ready, Just Give the Order and We Shall March.
Darkrai: Us As Well, Awaiting Your Command Lord Mewtwo.
Deoxys: The Traps Are Set, The Prisoner and Orbs are Loaded and Locked Up Tight, And All of Our Supplies are Gathered.
Mewtwo: Good, Now We March to Victory Against the Legendary Council, All Troops Forward!
All: Yes Lord Mewtwo!
The Massive Army Mewtwo Had Assembled Began a Slow But Menacing March Towards the Valley. Unbeknownst To Them, However, The Legendary Pokemon Lay in Wait.
By Shadowumbreon
#162571 On the way to the ambush point, dawn time

Like Arceus said, did the Golems headed together with the weather trio to the fall back line, should the others fall that is. All Regis were awefully quiet right now, before Regice asked the weather trio this question

Regice: So... did you guys brought along your orbs or did you let them be with Dialga's orb?
Regirock: We already will get majoy problems if Mewtwo decides to sneak attack the first line from behind.
Registeel: I'm surprised that you actually used your brain for once Regirock.
Regirock: What's that supposed to mean!?! I'll make you regret saying that!

Just before things turned to go out of control between the smaller Golems did Regigias stopped them, groaning a bit annoyed from that before lecturing them

Regigigas: Need I to remind you that we've a much more important subject to deal with then just a simple argument like this? Or do you guys want it to be your last one?
The smaller Regis in unison: We're sorry, Master.
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By ShinyKeldeo
#162712 Rayquaza: Our Orbs Have Been Sealed Away Since Ancient Days... They Tend to Drive Us a Little Crazy When We're Near Them...
Groudon: I Still Remember When I Almost Cracked the Continent in Half Fighting You Kyogre.
Kyogre: Oh Yeah, I Remember Just About Flooding the Whole Place, and You With it.
Rayquaza: Luckily I Stepped In Our We Might Not Be Standing Where we Are Today.
Groudon: You Have Little to Say, You Can Fly!
All of This was just the Weather Trio's way of trying to lighten the mood before the battle.

-Canyon Entrance-
Mewtwo's Army Was Keeping a Slow Pace, But Finally Reached the Entrance to Ancient Canyon Just After Daybreak.
Mewtwo: Forward, Let Us Continue On Our Path to Victory! Nothing Shall Stand in our Way!
The Army Continues it's Crawling March Through the Canyon, Unaware of the Trap Laid Out.

-Further Down the Canyon-
The Legendary Beasts, Legendary Birds, and Swords of Justice Were Lying in Wait at a Certain Point in the Canyon they found to be the best Ambush Point.
Keldeo: I Can Hear Them Coming Already...
Suicune: Everyone Stay Hidden Until They Are Right Upon Us, Then...
Articuno: We Attack From Everywhere.
Cobalion: We're All set up on the right.
Entei: Same here on the Left.
Zapdos: We're Ready up Here!
Terrakion: They Won't Even Know what Hit Them.
Moltres: I See Them Now, About 500 Feet and Closing!
Raikou: Everyone Down, Don't Let Them See You!
Virizion: And Everyone Quiet as a Stone, Not even a Whisper After This.
Everyone Stayed Stone Silent and Still, Listening as the Footsteps Approached. This Would Truly Prove to be a Battle of Epic Proportions.