By Waterboyr
#69408 "Ow... Well you just used retaliate so that was the point it's an unstoppable combo."


"But yeah, I totally just exploded."
By Lettucecow
#69538 [Gives haunter 5 oran berrys] What do we do now? Wait what about the others???? What happend to bulbasaur, charmander, and steve?
By Lettucecow
#69545 ....I'll look around for them they probably just got blown off somewhere because of the explosion... [I walk deeper into the woods and see the 3 of them stuck in a tree] I'll get you out! Razor shell! [I cut the branch they were on with my scalchop and they fall down] Ugh...thanks for saving us... No problem charmander, lets go back to haunter.