By Waterboyr
#69587 "Um... Good question. Well I hate to inform you but before you found me I saw all of those other rangers run after something so they are probably lost everywhere but the forest.
The only of the rangers left in the forest and beach area are:

That's probably it.
So we should make a campfire somewhere far from anything deep in the forest.
By Lettucecow
#69594 Well something burned down half of wistful woods so we can camp in the burned area, I don't think anything would come close to that area
By Lettucecow
#69650 The burned area of Wistful Woods because it was just mysteriously burned down so I don't think anyone would come near it.
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By Rzxa
#69698 Ok lets go
*ten days of carrying*
We are here next time you guys should not **** at my back and eat Big Mac at the SAME TIME!