By Waterboyr
#60882 "Um... Well then it'd be thousands. And I don't have a team so I'm going to street race."
(Will it be like hotweels literally with the warped tracks doing loops and going into space and weird stuff or normal racing?)
By Waterboyr
#61245 (Oh lol lets start out as street racers with those tracks and make our way up. Any bad guys?)
By Waterboyr
#62785 (Okay)
I walk into the building to get into some street races. I'll for sure win.
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By MinerKombat1557
#64127 *i go aswell*

Silver: Ill add some nitro, aha! this is some nice practice


*revs up*


*car growls*


*hits the acceleration*
By Waterboyr
#64229 I speed up into 3rd place.
We go in the cylinder tunnel and people go on the walls and ceiling.
This is a street race so you can do anything. Like blow up other cars.
I send out some spikes behind me and take out someone who was tailing me.
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By MinerKombat1557
#64421 *i currently was 6th*

Oh no you don't! *charges up EMP blast*

FIRE! *a car explodes as i speed by into first*
By Waterboyr
#64489 I send out a landmine to the 4th place car. Then someone throws something towards the first place car and when I realize what it is and so does the 2nd place we both go a little slower.