By Lettucecow
#61389 [cover him] [I looking out and I see a figure] Is that a zombie or a person?

By Waterboyr
#61392 (I made a multiple choice option you had to choose)
By Waterboyr
#61410 Let me speed this up.
You shoot at the person in the station so they stay down. You throw the gun to nate and he covers you. Next you run and trip and Nate tackles you into cover. You walk around back walk past a zombie chained up, go inside and walk up on an old man sitting down. He screams and starts talking about how Nate tryed to kill everyone and take his stuff and left his mask at home and is here to finish them off. And how he hurt his wife. His wife is on the ground holding a bloody wound *not a bite. Nate denys it all and says, "What do you think. Should we kill these people and take their stuff?"

Say [I'm out of here]
[Are FU**ING serious?!?!?!]
[Uh... Sure?]
[... Uh.. what.. Are you...]
By Lettucecow
#61412 [... Uh.. what.. Are you...] [you never said your character name was nate so I got confused lol]
By Waterboyr
#61413 Nate shoots the people in the face and says, "Whoa look at all of this stuff! Don't worry anymore, your my boy now."

*Two months later

"Well that story was weird. Glad your in our group out in this praire with tents and not at a gas station with a psycho!"

*Dont answer yet I'm pming the others to join in now you can pm me your reaction though lol
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By Rzxa
#61487 Waterboyr you told me to go in this Rp but idk how to go in cause this part is a little mess up for my character introduction
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By Umbreon1110
#61553 I was still running, as of almost a repeat from when I met the others for the first time... when they hit me with a rock. I thought I saw a tent or something in the distance, so I started heading toward it.
" Ugh... Finally... "
By Waterboyr
#61639 "Um hello? Anyone there?"
(I meant people can be in this new group or come in now)
By Waterboyr
#63248 *bump
People you can join in now!