By Waterboyr
#68325 "Hey look that cave! Go see if he is in here I'll go wake the others."
By Waterboyr
#70959 Lettuce your turn...
By Lettucecow
#70968 [sorry i kinda forgot about the RP] Alright [I go in the cave and see umbreon [forgot your name sorry :/] We're not your enemies!
By Waterboyr
#70972 Umbreon:
[reason] (You can choose what to say for the last one)
By Waterboyr
#71214 A bat flies into Jason's face and your sprint out of the cave knocking Jason down on your way out.
You see flashlights in the forest, plenty of walkers, you hear gunshots. You are far enough that Jason couldn't find you... But your not away from walkers. Or the people with flashlights. Your in a thick forest that has barely enough space to walk. Your in a small clearing on a cliff edge. You start slowly remembering who he is and you remember [My old character] and your old place you stayed at.
You remember [my death] and the last time you saw Jason.
(You can control yourself now)

You get up, after the bat flies off, more scared of you than you are of it. You see he is gone.
You walk back to camp and suddenly a hand grabs your shoulder. The camp is empty, the tents are blown away... And blood trickles out of one remaining tent...
Do you:

[grab your knife and stab the person]
[try to run away]
[see who it is]
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By Umbreon1110
#71247 I shook my head a bit, and ran back to the cave. When I made it back, my strength and consciousness was low, because of exhaustion. I saw two figures, but I fainted when I tried to approach them. I opened one of my eyes a bit, but my vision was blurred, I heard unknown noises, and my legs were throbbing in pain.
By Lettucecow
#71278 [kick]
By Waterboyr
#71643 You kick the figure and they fall down, knocked out...
It's me. (New character not old character)
Flashlights suddenly come on the other side of the camp.
You can assume the are not friendly.
I am knocked out, and you can:
[help me and try to run]
[leave me and run]

You can:
[crawl towards two figures]
[crawl away]
[crawl to flashlights]
[crawl to cave]