By Waterboyr
#71721 You crawl towards the cave and go into the deepest corner...
Goos choice.
The flashlights go to the exact spot you were.
Deep in the cave you position yourself...
But something else is in the cave.
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By Umbreon1110
#71846 I looked around in panic, hearing something moving a bit. I got back up to my feet, and took out a pocketknife, bracing myself. I looked outside the cave a bit, seeing the flashlights, which looked oh so menacing.
Arc: " Oh god... "
By Waterboyr
#72486 (Kind of waiting on Lettuce... And why won't anyone join my you wake up role-play... Does everyone only like pokemon?)
By Lettucecow
#72580 [help you and run, and your wake up RP seemed kinda confusing to me, i dunno why.]
By Waterboyr
#72698 (Well it's based of Maze Runner and if you read that you will probably never put it down for LITERALLY 4 hours and then eat and keep reading...)
"Ugh... Crap... They raided the camp... They are following us..."
[leave me and save yourself]
Risk dying by:
[go to cave]
[go to cornfield]
[hide where you are in woods]

(Umbreon don't worry depending on what happens next I'll fit you in again.)
By Lettucecow
#72734 [go to cave]
By Waterboyr
#73052 You run to the cave and run right into Arc.