By Blaze150
#59782 “Watchya gonna do?
*I say standing there not caring

By Waterboyr
#59786 (No I was getting crushed by everyone else not tripped by you)
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By Rzxa
#59788 Jason HELP ME ! Said Flame
*principal shouted *
*Bully eating the stolen donut*
By Waterboyr
#59790 *Principal doesn't notice bully
I get up.
I walk down the hall to my locker.
I think, "wow we need a better principal."
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By Rzxa
#59793 *inside waterboyr locker*
* flame playing minecraft Pocket edition in his iPhone *
By Waterboyr
#59798 *Gets teacher that takes Flame to vice principal who is actually sane.
By Blaze150
#59804 *Walking past Jasons locker when the bully I tripped earlier slams me into it*
“hey this is for trippin me earlier punk“
*he gets me with a right hook giving me a blck eye and walks off laughing*
*I let him go seeing as he's not worth it
By Lettucecow
#59870 I notice blaze150 [i forgot your name sorry] slamming into my locker. Dude you okay? [the bully walks over to me and grabs me by the shirt collar] L-let me g-go!
By Waterboyr
#59890 I think about getting another teacher but decide that isn't a good idea.
And another kid gets a teacher and takes the three of them to the vice principals.
By Blaze150
#60096 *I thank Jason for being kind while were on our way to the principals office and when we get in and sit down the principle asks whats going on
"Well miss the bully was chasing flame, then I tripped him and when I was walking past Jason locker he slammed me into it and gave me this black eye."
*Jason the n explains what happened after that and gets let go.