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By Umbreon1110
#65201 I landed on the ground in front of Typhlosion
" What did we even do to make you burn down our shelter, and knock out some of the others? "
I began charging by Flamethrower attack.
By Waterboyr
#65529 "Um guys... So you know how they are a tiny itsy bit slower than us? Like still to where they could catch up? And um... Well I think there are three corrupted flygons and seven starly's after us."
I swivel around and blast a starly out of the sky.
By Vespirs
#65696 I wanna apply >w<

Pokemon: Milotic
Personality: Strong, and brave, but also very wise and has a vast intelligence of almost anything. She also has a soft spot to her, and pokemon sometimes look at her as a mother figure.
Moves: Hydro Pump, Attract, Surf, and Sheer Cold.
By Waterboyr
#65921 The starlies flock us and peck everywhere. They pecked me so much that I fall down to the ground into a forest. The forest. Where it happened.