By Waterboyr
#66022 I walk around and walk into the cave wall because I'm still blinded.

By Waterboyr
ryancpexpert wrote:I approach Waterboyr from the other side fo the cave and challenge him to a Pokemans battle.

Did you seriously just write that? :|
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By killthepast
#73105 *pertend he didnt posT* i climb out of the cave

*Pants* whoo... *pant* viridian *pant*
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By Reinen
Waterboyr wrote:Hi I'm Waterboyr and this is ratty my rattata! I look down the path, and it's 5 miles of long grass nonstop. And the nearest pokemart is... at the other town.
"Oh great..."

never walk infront of some one in pokemon :lol: