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By TheGothicGardevoir
#139611 Pokémon: Kirlia

Pokémon Nickname: ( Optional ): Zylux

Pokémon History: ( Optional: Zylux was a Kirlia, well, she was a loner, ever since the distortions, she had been scared the first time she had left her family to live alone, surviving on berries, living "survival of the fittest".

Pokémon Moveset: Thunderbolt, Psyshock, Calm mind, Dazzling gleam.

Pokemon Age: 15

Pokémon Appearance: All that was supposed to be green is black, she has a few strands of neon blue hair on her forehead, green eyes.

Pokemon traits: Likes to poke through other's minds with her psychic powers, hangs out mostly in the trees whenever there are any, quick to judge.

Pokemon Personality: Moody, Loner, Stubborn, Emo.

Rp Example: She glanced down at two caterpies from her tree as she swinged on the slender vines, watching with annoyance at the caterpies, chilidish romance, it made her sick, how weak, how did even one caterpie survive this disaster? She's looking for a pokemon that WON'T kill her, but not one that's utterly useless. Suddenly leaves flew through the air and thunder roared through her ears, a tear in the sky began to open, she stared in fear, it's a black hole.

By SmallSon
#140065 Pokémon:Sandshrew
Pokémon Nickname:SandPan
Pokémon History:SandPan was a young sandshrew who likes to adventure but can't because his mom is very strict when he goes out but SandPan doesn't listen to his parents and they are gone now so meh
Pokémon Moveset:Dig,Slash,Swift,Earthquake
Pokémon Age:12
Pokémon Appearance:wears goggles on top of head and is the color black
Pokémon traits:Excellent at digging,horrible at races
Pokémon personality:Hot-tempered,Smart,and Nice
RP Example:SandPan walked around the desert and saw all the magmars and flygons and said Wow what a very interesting desert :P it's so bright but stranded with some flygons and magmars :I
By SylveonHype2002
#140300 Pokemon:Lucario

Pokemon Nickname:Rio

Pokemon History:Having watched His parents be murdered by Voident's minions Rio has trained his whole life to fight against the minions incase he ever comes across them

Pokemon Moveset:Dark Pulse,Force Palm,Dragon Pulse, and Aura Sphere

Pokemon age 12 (to show why hes so mad ;P)

Pokemon Apearence: Normal Lucario but where there is Yellow it is Orange

Pokemon traits:Skilled Fighter,Not very Social

Pokemon Personality:Nice to good people (mean to bad),smart, strong

RP example: Rio was walking across the mountains on his way home to see a gengar and a haunter using shadow ball on his parents then dissapearing, after waiting for them to leave he runs over to his father who tells him "find those pokemon" avenge our familly and our kind", after the last words come at pf his fathers mouth Rio fells a deadly pressence in the air, he then begins training and so ends the story of why Rio has hopefully joined the other team in saving the world [hope you like it umbreon] (srry if its a bit dark just trying to show some realistic affect) :P
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By ilovepokemon
#145856 Pokémon: Deoxys
Pokémon Nickname:
Pokémon History: After falling to Earth, he was witnessed the death of many Pokémon through black holes, since then, he swore to stop whoever is creating the black holes.
Pokémon Moveset: Shadow Ball/Recover / Psychic /Double Team
Pokémon Age: 39
Pokémon Appearance: Blue body, green tentacles and face, the orb in his chest is yellow and the hips are white Image
Pokémon traits: Is immune to Black Holes and whormholes, allowing him to pass freely through them
Pokémon personality: Wise
RP Example: He has been watching the progress of the heroes and will try to help them save the world