By Waterboyr
#60741 So I thought about the people who are in this roleplay subforum. Now from being in all of the roleplays I know who is who in every story usually and I am making a private roleplay I will invite few people to. Btw if your not invited t still means your a good roleplayer but it's for what the roleplay is.

This is another Apocalypse but a more serious one.

20 years in.

My character:
Reece (Lol I'm running out of character names)
Brown hair, brown eyes, dusty green shirt, cargo shorts, brown shoes, newsboy hat.
Age: 15
Carries a small pocket knife only for 100% emergencies about to die kind.
Makes jokes but is serious a lot of the time.
This will be more The Last of Us based.

No restrictions on content.
Have fun. Or they will get you.

I will start.

Wow. No zombies anymore everyone tells me. We are safe here. They are out there. Only a rebellion and hundreds and thousands of people barricaded behinds these walls getting minimum food. I throw a ball at the wall and it bounces back to my hand. Ugh.

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By Rzxa
#60765 How do I know I'm invited
By Waterboyr
#60894 I'd PM you. And I know your an experience roleplayer. THis is just a specific one I want people I think would be best at it. If you know what I mean.
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By Rzxa
#60976 I think you haven't invited anyone cause no one is applying
By Waterboyr
Rzxa wrote:I think you haven't invited anyone cause no one is applying

I did... lol. I invited one person I'm debating others.
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By Umbreon1110
#61043 Hai :3

Name: Arc
Appearance: Red hair, Black shirt, and Grey Jeans
Age: 14
Other: Good at fixing/renovating things, like putting a needle on a Nerf Dart bullet so it can acually do something
By Waterboyr
#61048 Accepted love the last part. Considering Nerf Guns are accurate and have no recoil and ammo at every target great idea!
You can continue the story now.
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By Umbreon1110
#61060 I climbed to the top of the wall and stared at the mindless wandering dummies , AKA Zombies below. Occasionally, I would chuck a rock, stick or shoot a nerd bullet at them just for fun. This time, I had brought a Squirt Gun full of coffee to squirt them with. Once I got bored, I climbed down.
By Waterboyr
#61091 I walked through the underground tunnels, illegally of course.
I wake to the wall and started to climb up but accidently climbed into someone and fell.
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By Umbreon1110
#61346 While I was climbing down, I felt someone/something bump me and I fell down to the ground ( Not on the side with all of the zombies )
" Owowowowowow.... "