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By Umbreon1110
#64582 Well, this was my all time favorite RP in everythingness, so a few weeks ago, me and Dark_Prinplup talked a bit in PM. I think he was supposedly on a internet ban for awhile, and haven't seen him on online for a long time. He said he was going to revice it, but he was doing it from his 3D DS, so it would be to hard. After awhile of thinking, I figured that it is time to revive this RP. I'm pretty sure most of you know the deal. Anyways, continue where we left off. Those who were already in it DO NOT have to re apply.

Anyways, I'll continue off first. If anyone is clueless on the plot and all, PM me.
( for those who do not know, My charachter is Snivy ( Shiny ))
I continued running. I was sure that Suicune had discontinued his pursuit on me, but I did not wan to take any chances. I lost the others. I lost Suicune. But Arceus was surely watching me. I still could not get over what he did to me...

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By killthepast
#64823 *i wandered around the swamp with shadow, we see a giant rock, we push it out of the way and we saw a cave, slick was behind the rock with some others*

Flare: Ok... we will stay here
Shadow: *uses flash* ok *pushes rock back*
By Waterboyr
#67241 Yeah I have no memory of what happened... Lol either celebei or mew just saved me and slick... So apparently we got separated.
I frantically looked everywhere. This wasn't right. The forest was so thick I would get completely lost if I went of path... But it was designed like a maze. No signs just thousands of paths. Suddenly a bunch of pokemon came out of the shadows. They hadn't eaten forever... I've heard of pokemon that haven't ate berries forever might become... The pokemon lunge at me. A Charmander, a rattata, a poochyena, a lilipup, and a Fearow. I fight them all off and run randomly through the forest to a dead end. The fearow lunges at my arm and pecks it. I grab it and blast away them all. Then I hear a big rustling noise.
"Hello? Oh no. SLICK! SSSSSSSSLLLLLIIIIIIII- AHHAH-" *Screams are heard throughout the area.
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By Umbreon1110
#67252 I saw a Quilavaand another pokemon, and not knowing better, I ran off. I thought I heard Squirtle screaming, so I turned in that direction and made it to where Squirtle was. I did not see anyone..
" Hello?... ugh... Anyone here?... "
I was exhausted from running, and my health weakend down from numerous attacks
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By Umbreon1110
#68432 Uh...
I think Mew/Celebi saved you or something and you were surrounded by trees, and trainers were chasing us but suicune obliterated them ad I chasing me again... something like that