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By Rzxa
#65430 Hello I'm Rzxa I have a camera in your room and I set a trap now do what I say or else
You're room is lock whatcha gonna do
There are 2 Options and 1 of them matters life and death
1.Call your Mom (your mom will die but your gonna live)
2.Call the Police (Everybody dies except me )
That's gonna be a hard choice eh you love your mom but you love everybody
But first you must ask to play 10 slots only 0/10
You have ask like this
And also I will add some player kill and life choices who ever lives stay on the game but whoever dies in the game will be kicked out
So here's the kicked list
Ok ask now and ill accept you or not
Then play the intro

By Lettucecow
#65488 I WANNA PLAY! Thats how you do it right?
By Waterboyr
#65579 I WANNA PLAY !
If I can start then... Call my mom. If I called the police you'd kill me.
And you should know it's a game character so whatever you do to live lol.
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By Rzxa
#65699 And also guys I'm gonna add admins for this game who also says the scenario and what to do
The admins are Waterboyr,and Vespirs ok
By Waterboyr
#65838 Okay can we answer MinerKombats?
If so, then the door opens.
[go downstairs and find your mom]
[go to the basement]
[go outside]
One of these kills you.