By Waterboyr
#68522 "I feel sorry for Garintina. I mean I own space Palkia owns time Arceus owns everything... And he controls a distortion world with no significance... But I still don't care. He is probably going ot sell my chain on ebay!"
*Jumps through portal.
By Waterboyr
#68528 *Slow motion me screaming NOOOOOOOO
"Wait I can stop time..."
*Stops time.
*Grabs chain and kicks Garintina in the you know where.
I then go through a portal back to the normal world and replay time, of course after I take a picture of Garintina in a diaper and post it on pixelmon forums.
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By Umbreon1110
#68532 I saw dialga go away with the red chain, so I just flew near a bubble which had dialga in it and popped it. Back near Dialga, There was a boom boom
( sorta like the distortion world in the movie )
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By Umbreon1110
#68636 I flew out of the distortion world, above Dialga, then I poured gallons and gallons of pink paint on him. I flew down, took a pic, then went back to the distortion world and closed the portal, then posted the pic on facebook
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By killthepast
#69130 Mewtwo: well shit, who else is in here?

Deoxys: me :(

Mewtwo: can you help me open a portal?

Deoxys: sure

*we use psychic powers to open a gate to the real world*

Deoxys: that was fun!

Mewtwo that was not fun! *throws up*