By Lettucecow
#66934 I'm making another roleplay ;). This is the plot:

I live in the local village and your character gets there one way or another and we soon discover that a pokemon is planning to engulf to world in nightmares and shadows and must awaken another pokemon to stop it

[feel free to add on to the story if you have any good ideas :)]

application format:

character name:
how they got to the village:
backstory if any:
anything else you'd like to add:

my application:

pokemon: charmander
character name: char
appearance: normal charmander but with gold eyes and a gold tailflame, also has a red scarf.
personality: energetic, fearless, loyal, clumsy
special traits: if he concentrates he can light up his body in a flash of gold light
how they got to the village: stumbled open it while running from golems
backstory if any: Got his gold eyes and tailflame when his mother shielded him from a thunder attack killing his mother and shocking him so bad he passed out when he awoke he had gold eyes and a gold tailflame.
anything else you'd like to add: I LIKE CHICKEN!

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By skywardstrike
#67085 Ok, I gotta try this:

pokemon: Gible
character name: Jaws
appearance: Normal gible but with a green scarf.
personality: Head strong, brave, hopeful, always hungry
special traits: extremely fast digger
how they got to the village: Came across it trying to dig to escape a steelix
backstory: Lived in a cave for most of his life. One day his mother went out and never came back. He was left to fend for himself.
anything else you'd like to add: I LIKE EATING, ALOT.
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By Starfy222
#67236 pokemon:Ralts
character name:Charlotte
traits:Teleports faster then most ralts
how they got to the village:I teleported around so fast I teleported into the village.
backstory if any:I lived a good life in hoenn intill wild pokemon attack route 102 and she teleported away far away from route 102
anything else you'd like to add:Gardevoir,Kirlia,Ralts are my most favorite pokemon ever.
By Waterboyr
#67247 pokemon: Smeargle
character name: Smear
appearance: Has belt with art supplies.
personality: Silly, funny.
traits: Creativity and quick thinking.
how they got to the village: Moved because hated old one.
backstory if any: Actually was kicked out of town but he hated it anyways. It was full of bad pokemon and no one ever joked or had fun or was nice.
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By Umbreon1110
#67256 pokemon: Lapras
character name: Frost
appearance: A normal lapras, but his shell is solid gold
personality: Protective, Trusworthy, Stealthy, Loves water and col weather
traits: Knows Sheer Cold, anything he breathes on might become frozen, Survived a Tsunami
how they got to the village: He was wiped here by a Tsunami. He fell unconcious after wandering around for a bit.. ( That's how he will come in at least )
backstory if any: His pack was swimming around when they were struck by may Rouge waves and a Tsunami. He awoke to be on a beach, and wandered around on land for a bit. He saw a village before he blacked out.
anything else you'd like to add: Hates hot weather and deserts.