By Yopoyop
#68070 Hi there,

Me and my friend created a Pokemon Minecraft series then began using Pixelmon which made the series much better. Welcome to the world of Pixelmon. A world mixed with minecraft characters and pixel creatures which replace mobs.
Two new trainers set out on the adventure to become pixelmasters but something keeps stopping them... themselves GET GOING IDIOTS!

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By Rzxa
MinerKombat1557 wrote:DUDE, OFF TOPIC!!!!

this is for post roleplays, lock this

Really rude miner
Anyway you did your very best at making nicely done I salute you
But like what miner said you post it in the wrong section next time maybe you check the other topics on the section before posting there
By Waterboyr
#68347 Post in Art and Media gosh this is getting annoying.
And Rzxa that wasn't rude at all.
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By Rzxa
#68352 Isn't any mod seeing this topic