By Waterboyr
#73049 I stand there motionless.
The grass pokemon all put things on their heads...
And I use flash.
We all then tackle and take all of the pokemon's money and bound of into the forests far out of their reach.
By Lettucecow
#73114 Oh well, money isn't everything. I don't have much of it either so it isn't a problem.
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By Rzxa
#73123 What you guys talking about MONEY IS EVERYTHING!
*uses a. Very Giant and big Fireblast on the forest *
*trys to blow the fire doesn't work Fire too strong for wind and water *
*fire surrounds everyone*
By Lettucecow
#73174 [damn Nevermind, I thought this was my RP cause I was just about to post in it lol ,there goes my terrible memory]