By Waterboyr
#73426 *In a thieves guild in the forest...
"Hey guys we are back... we lost lots but gained lots too and-..."
I see a dead nuzleaf laying against a wall.
Arrows fly past my head.
I tumble around a corner and hide behind a wall.
I turn to see seedots dead everywhere.
Demons flock everywhere killing everything. Weak Demons. There were oly the strong ones left in the world which means one of them must've let them all back in... And that means it is the boss. Which means it planned this. Which means it is-
I see a tall demon walking down a head in its hand.
I gasp a bit too loud and they turn to me. Immediately they run to me with claws, magic, wings, swords, and teeth.
One lunges for my face and I thrust my staff into it's head.
I then sprint through the forest and never looking back.
I sprint for miles and miles only focusing on dodging trees.
Suddenly I come to a fire too big for me to get through. And being a grass elemental creature, I can't get through it. it burns in front of me stretching far too wide. I turn and I find the demons closing in on me, backing me slowly into the fire.
I realize two seedots were behind me, they had followed me. Suddenly the demons all charge and we re knocked back through the fire, burned and cut, and then all three of us sprawl out in front of everyone else, at the castle again.
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By cannonite
#73443 Weavile: *Smirks as he sees the Nuzleaf and seedot* So glad you could join us *kicks a dead seedot in front of them* Now then I'm gonna fre * sees demons behind them*.... Today just gets better and better doesn't it..
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By Rzxa
#73473 Hmm what is the Red ugly creature
Chameleon raises his hands and greets the demons
The Demon uses a death stare at Chameleon
Charmeleon says back Don't be that way I'm trying to be your friend
Charmeleon steps on the fire
See I'm your friend I was just playing don't touch the fire
A voice so loud was heard YOU IDIOT KILL THE DEMON !
Charmeleon says he's a demon why didnt anybody tell me
Voice: IDIOT !
Charmeleon: fine just this once voice from far away
*gets his bow and boomerang ready for a battle*
Charmeleon throws the boomerang at the Demon Face
Charmeleon :Wanna play Tag come and get me Yipee!
Charmeleon then run as fast as he could
By Lettucecow
#73487 What are these things? [The demon hisses at me] Whatever It is I'll assume they aren't friendly. [I get out my dagger and stab the demon, it explodes with a fiery blaze]
By Waterboyr
#73798 "He... p... u... s... p ... e ... s..."
A demon grabs hold of me and the seedots are too weak to help me. The fire grows uncontrollable and now the whole castle is ablaze, the whole forest, the surrounding mountains and areas, and soon the spot we are in too.
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By cannonite
#73820 Weavile *Mutters* I'm gonna regret this * Jumps at demon holding nuzleaf and seedots stabbing him in his eyes*
Weavile: *Helps nuzleaf up* Come on lets get out of here there are to many. Grovyle charmeleon grab the seedots and lets go follow me.