By Waterboyr
#71077 (Recently read Maze Runner basing this a little off that)
You wake up and only remember your first name.
You know everything about the world... But not specific people you ever knew or places yoi've been. You remember places but not ever going there or how you learned about them.
You can flawlessly speak and do everything but still have blank holes in your memories.
You are in a small room that has a locked door.
You wait for about three hours and it unlocks.
You walk towards it, your hands shaking, your mind racing. Your breath is fast and slow, and you heart is half the pace.
You turn the nob and it reveals:
(All role-players, it reveals all role-players standing there like they expected it)
Waterboyr (Only atm)

One item: Either a watch, hat, or a flashlight.

Name- Toby
(Optional)Appearance- Normal
One item: Newsboy hat
Other: First person.

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By cannonite
#72490 Name: Jack
Appearance: Brown hair, denim jacket, t shirt, jeans, red shoes
One item: Flash light
other: (I don't know what this is)
Maze runner is a great book bu the way
By Waterboyr
#72495 (You want it to be exactly like book or different? I'm keeping the slang.)
"Well shuck it... Someone else is here. Name's Toby. Nice to meet ya Greenbean."
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By cannonite
#72519 ( Been about a year since I read the book so my slang may be A bit off)

Ugh what...What happened? Where am I?
By Waterboyr
#72688 (Should we make it the maze? Or not?)
By Waterboyr
#73051 (K. tell me if you want nay characters in or just us for now.)
"Well your in the Maze. Basically, welcome to h**l."
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By cannonite
#73062 Jack: h**l sounds fun enough so why am I here? * I look around at the big metal walls and gates* this some kind of prison? (Lets add some more characters)