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By cannonite
#77975 Raichu: As I recover from my shock the claw comes down and a barely dodge it I then use Iron tail and stab the Bannete
Bannete: I'll ki * gets no further as a thunderbolt strikes him and he melts away to nothing*
Raichu: Where there's one spook there's more as I hear crazy laughter

By Waterboyr
#78080 Everything around me collapses.
The celling comes down endlessly like it never stops falling and the chunks are coming out of nowhere.
A giant chunk goes for my head and I blast it.
A chunk the size of a glacier is 100 feet above me falling.
I ready the flamethrower...
95 feet
It comes out...
90 feet
It makes contact...
80 feet
It starts to melt form the bottom barely...
70 feet
It is just hitting it and falling toward me still
(It is like the size of 2 houses squared)
60 feet
It falls a little slower.
The ground rumbles.
50 feet
I hear laughter.
40 feet
My fire blast grows bigger suddenly.
30 feet
It grows even bigger but doesn't melt it...
20 feet
I sneeze out my fire blast and it doesn't melt...
10 feet
I learn Overheat and blast it completely engulfing it all in a giant explosion of heat and fire and it melts and explodes.
0 feet

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By skywardstrike
#78637 I hear an explosion down the right tunnel. While I wasn't looking I try to take the middle tunnel. Of course, there is no middle tunnel so I just walk into the wall of the cavern. I stagger around, dazed. I hear a roar behind me so I tumble down the left path slamming into someone...
By Waterboyr
#78745 *runs into them form behind
"AH! *A-A-AA- Ch-"
*clamps paw on snout
"Okay guys quick story... (explains events) and yeah. Oh and I forgot to mention Oh hey ghost that those giant things falling form the ceiling are fallig everywhere and my sneeze couldn't burn it and I doubt Kyurem could do it easily so we should run. Like now. WAIT WHAT A GHOST?"
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By Reinen
#84047 Pokemon:Pancham
Pokemons Nickname: Reinen
Personality:Smug, Humurous
What was life like before the ice age:Ate Berry's he found, he was a thief and stole what he wanted needed and excaped all the law
Any distinguishing features: He Is a red pancham so i think hes a shiny he has afro's for fingers (His fingers were very fuzzy) he had a scar on one hand
Clothes: Commando all day
Moves:Iron fist, mold breaker, confusion and the last one might be op Transform