By Waterboyr
#73407 (It'd be blander. It'd be like hey dude lets have fun and go on an adventure. And miner no offense but your post was weird introduce you character a different time it was completely unneeded I don't own it but that's my suggestion.)

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By killthepast
#77966 Name: Ace
Weapon and tools: iron sword, bow and arrow
armor- chest and feet iron
personality- hunter, will betray friends for survival
By SmallSon
#130952 Name:SmallSon
Weapon and tools:iron pick iron sword
armor-leather boots
personality-very smart but hot tempered
By mediumdee
#133940 name: mediumdee
weapons/tools: iron sword, bow, iron pick
armor: iron set
personality: has a soft side, but fierce and fired up when needed