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By MinerKombat1557
#73111 Tbh, i got this from my name

You Make up a new fighter and control a already made one

Sub Zero
Luo Kang


Famous Line:


Name: Deio
Appearence: Black and blue Ninja Suit
Weapons: Dual Blue Swords and black Daggers located in hilts on the sides of his suit
Famous Line: You Shall BURN
Fatality: stabs and then slams into the ground, tears out heart
Agility: 7
Persolatity: Speedy and serious
By Waterboyr
#73651 Name: Fwahaaaaaa
Appearence: Chicken suit
Weapons: Drum sticks with blades in them, drum stick size and power of sledge hammer, and beak that is super sharp.
Famous Line: Fwaaaahaaaaa!!!
Fatality: Slaps them with a fish, kicks them in the you know where, pecks their eyes, and turns into a giant chicken and sits on them, lays and egg, and the egg hatches and whoever I defeated is now a chicken.
Agility: Can sprint well but isn't super fast, can fly, and can hop quickly.
Personality: Silly
By Waterboyr
#73652 The best app in history. Boom.
By Waterboyr
#73799 XD It's the best app ever. Admit it.
*In a street far far away from somewhere on planet Earth (I'm obviously the humor)
Where even the most daring chickens and street fighters dare to go...
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By MinerKombat1557
#74466 *i was in the nether realm with scorpion*

Scorpion: GET OVER HERE!
Deio: no, you get over here!

*grabs spear and throws at him, dragging him over to me*


stabs and then slams into the ground, tears out heart


(i didn't actually kill scorpion, just an exe on how fights are, no using fatalities on other Rpers of course :D)
By Waterboyr
#75026 *falls through a portal and lands on Deio
By Waterboyr
#75415 (Btw my gaint drumstick is the one you eat the ones with knives are drumsticks you beat on drum sets with. I play the drums in real life. Anyways I have an idea maybe we go on a journey and your hte cool hero and i'm the idiotic sidekick. Yes I am offering to be an idiotic sidekick. After we fight of course.)

"The question is... Fwahaaa who are you!"
*pulls out drum knives
I leap towards Deio and slash out.
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By MinerKombat1557
#121485 Im locking all of my old topics, just a fair warning, since their are 1: dead or 2: nobody wants them