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By Rzxa
#74322 This is a sequel to one of the last Rps of the original and one of the good ones to be made before the Roleplay Massacre of 2013 so here it is I'm aming for 5 and above to join this Rp but this is like the original but there are some rules yes there is rules
1.No Gory Violence this will be a friendly Rp so only the Old cartoon violence like an anvil hitting someone's head
2.Be kind to other Roleplayers
3.the Champion of Roleplay aka Waterboyr can make any ideas or make a plot
Here is
The app
Favorites :
My app
Name:Srubby Feces
Appearance: Converse with a tie, and normal gentlemen pants, and shoes
Personality: Funny not really serious, Forgetfull , and clumsy
Favorites: Potato, Video games, Pokemon
Ok this will be the same cause you know how I handle my rps I WILL PM YOU IF YOUR ACCEPTED OR NOT SO CHECK YOUR PM BOX IF YOU APPLY FOR RPS MADE BY ME!
By Waterboyr
#74412 Dude this roleplay literally had ten post. It was a comedy one and wasn't one of the best... .-.

But since you called me champion I'm cool with whatever you say. =D

But anyways:

Name: Mr. President
Appearance: President suit. Brown hair. Kind of like default Saints Row IV character.
Personality: Silly, Gangster, Serious
Favorites : Haha