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By cannonite
#75534 Jonathan: *Picks up supplies at mart* Alright lets head out I guess Oh nice graveler Austin. I start down the path when I notice a small pond and in it a lone shellder playing. Hmm a water type is good sooo. Elekid thundershock on the shellder! THe shellder takes it and shoots water gun back nocking ELekid into a tree! Ugh thunderpunch! The thunderpunch paralyzes it alright Pokeball! I throw a pokeball and capture it! I then run and heal my pokemon.

Team update Shells (Shellder) Level 20: Moves Water Gun, ice beam, protect, Shell smash

Didnt realize we were already in celadon sorry this happened before we arrived)

By Lettucecow
#75539 II'm going to go train.... [I train wartorturtle up to lvl 22 and nuzleaf up to lvl 24]
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By cannonite
#75540 Jonathan: Looks like we'll be here a while theres quite a bit to do so first * I head to the department store and buy a fire and water stone for future use* I then for the next few days train all my pokemon to 28 and Ivysuar to 30 growlithe learns Flamethrower and Shellder learns water pulse*
By Waterboyr
#75784 *The ground shakes and a rumble seems to be coming from the game corner
*If you go there you will see this:
"Scyther Swift"
4 Team Rocket grunts are battling my two pokeon and they have 4 muks and 4 goblets.
"Muk Sludge Bom-"
"Skarmory Peck!"
Skarmory knocks into the Muk and it flies against the wall.
"Golbats use Supersonic!"
Scyther cover your-"
I grab my hears and cry out and the muks surround me and I return Scyther.
I release Scyther as hte Muks cover me and Scyther slashes them out.
"Scyther Skarmory Swift combo!"
"No Golbats!"
The grunts run around a corner of slot machines and when I get there they are gone.
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By cannonite
#75789 Jonathan: I hear the ruckus caused by the battle as I enter the game corner. What was that? Tropical (Ivysuar) shrugs and we continue on into the game corner to find the place slightly wrecked by the battle... What the?
By Waterboyr
#75790 "Ugh... They took my porygon! And all of my leftover tokens!"
I walk towards a poster and pull a lever.
A staircase with a locked door appears.
I blast the door open and smoke fills the room.
I calmly walk down the stairs and yells and explosions are heard from below.
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By cannonite
#75849 Jonathan: I had better check this out... Tropical return! Now then go Ruff ( Growlithe) I look at Ruff and say I could use your flamethrower down there lets go! We run down the secret staircase and hear more yells up ahead but a lone rocket grunt comes up to me.
Rocket Grunt: What the first the kid down there and now this one ugh. I'll deal with you myself now then go Weezing use Poison gas! Ruff attempts to dodge but accidentally intakes some of the gas poisoning him. Ruff retaliate flamethrower go! Ruff blasts the weezing with a powerful flamethrower severely damaging it Ruff then winces as the poison takes its toll. RUff dont let them recuperate flamethrower once more. Ruff with great effort defeats the weezing with flamethrower and after gaining the exp faints from the poison.
Rocket Grunt: This next pokemon is going to finish you! Golbat take him out poison sting
Jonathan: Havoc (Elekid) go thunderpunch! The attacks meet Elekid sustains decent damage and the thunderpunch knocks the golbat out of the air. Havoc finish him with thundershock! The thundershock knocks out the golbat and levels Havoc to 29