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By skywardstrike
#78807 I charge up some stairs and into a room. It seems to be a board room. 2 people were seated at the table in the middle. One was about my age, and the other was older. He seemed to be important to Team Rocket. I arrive just in time to hear the guy my age say something sarcastically but I didn't hear exactly what because the older man turned to me and said
"Ahh, looks like our special guest has arrived."
I knew I was done for. I was tied up and put in a chair next to the boy.
"Let me introduce myself to our special guest. I am Govanni, leader of Team Rocket. The boy next to you is Austin, son of a famous scientist in the Unova region. Perhaps Austin you have heard of Riley? He is well known for his work in the Sinnoh underground.
I saw Govanni had a belt with pokeballs on it. I guessed that they were Austin's. I just had to wait for the right time to release my ditto...

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By cannonite
#78814 Jonathan: I knowing I had to catch up climbed on to CLoyster who could easily hold my wait and was surprisingly fast at surfing. We begin to go to Cinnabar until we arrive. When we hit the island after a 5 hour voyage. I notice rocket grunts outside the The big mansion. I figured if gengar was left behind these people took Austin so I return Cloyster and do the Dumbest thing I have ever done. I bring out Rhyhorn and yell RHYHORN DRILL RUN THAT DOOR! Rhyhorn being my most aggressive fighter charged the grunts and the door knocking the grunts out and drilling the door in half I run behind him and am met by multiple grunts most of them send out Golbats and Ratticates in alarm to fight. However with massive type disadvantages to them i order rhyhorn to use rock blast on golbats and Drill run the Ratticates. The battle was fierce Golbats raining air cutters and ratticates quick attacking but Rhyhorn having thick armor plowed through ratticates shot down golbats but eventually was overwhelmed by an Arbok and the continuous attacks. Until he is defeated and I am put in hand cuffs and forcefully shoved into the room with Austin and Riley. I see the boss my Friend and some kid I dont know. My pokemon are taken except for rhyhorn who is behind me battered and weak.
I get pushed into a chair. Hey guys I've joined the party it seems. I give a sarcastic smile. Now this is no way to treat your guests is it?
Giovanni: I will say you caused quite a ruckus upstairs. *He looks at rhyhorn* That is quite the pokemon with a bit of...Conditioning he could become a formidable rocket pokemon. He scans my other pokeballs looking whats inside them. Quite a collection as well they will all be good assets. You however well *Looks at grunt* Get rid of him.
Jonathan: Do I get a last request? Cause I would like a Dr.Pepper. I look at Rhyhorn Only known you for a day but We had a good run didn't we? * Rhyhorn looks down sad* I'm then taken away to a cell for my impending doom but before anyone notices I kick Gengars pokeball to Austin.
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By skywardstrike
#78829 In all of the confusion caused by that boy and his rhydon, I manage to release my Ditto. It transforms into a grunt. I noticed the pokeball that the boy kicked to Austin. I knew the time to escape was soon.
"Since you don't seem to want to cooperate with us, we will talk again tomorrow. Until then, lock them up." Govanni said.
I made sure that Ditto was behind me then I whispered to Austin
"We're about to have the chance to escape, be ready to fight."
"Now Ditto!" I yell.
Ditto punches the grunt holding me. The grunt falls to the ground, unconscious. I quickly untie Austin's hands. It was time to fight.
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By cannonite
#78838 Jonathan: Rhyhorn noticing the fight beginning goes into a berserk-er rage creating bulldoze shockwaves and shooting rocks at any grunt that moved except ditto still weak however he begins to be overwhelmed when... There's a massive flash of light and then when it clears there stood something anyone on the wrong end of its wrath should fear... A Rhydon fully armored and it was MAD. It then instead of rock blast it fires of stones in a new stone edge attack. It then runs down the corridor where I was taken.

Meanwhile: The grunt not realizing what was going on pushes me to the edge of a pit I couldn't see the bottom of.
Grunt: Any last words?
Jonathan: Yeah where does this lead? I say sarcastically?
Grunt: Shut up pushes me I stumble and nearly fall in.
Jonathan: *Looks down the pit* See you later then. I again give a sarcastic smile
Grunt: Hah gonna be a good long while before that
Jonathan: Really I look behind him and see a massive tank of a pokemon I think he has something to say about that. I keep smiling.
Grunt: What? Looks behind but to late. Rhydon doesn't even need to use an attack he simply flicks the Grunt aside knocking him out. I look at him. Rhyhorn? Rydon roars his victory cry. Sorry Rhydon I guess now well lets go help the others then shall we? Rhydon nods and we run down the hall after he drills my handcuffs off. We get there to a massive battle. Where I grab my pokeballs and send out Arcanine then Rhydon and Arcanine begin in the Fierce fight to freedom
Team Update: Rhydon: Level 42 Moves Earthquake, Stone Edge, Drill run, Bulldoze
By Lifegrasp180
#78888 i grab gengars pokeball and release him two grunts see me and run towards me.
Gengar use hypnosis! i shout. as the grunts snooze i run into another room and i immediately stop.
inside the room was a holding tank for experiment pokemon. and a table with a purple pokeball with a large M on it.
inside the tank was probably the only pokemon i feared. mewtwo...
although looking at the pokeball on the table i can see how i can turn the situation at hand around.
i blast out of the room with my newfound pokemon. i also see my abandoned belt on the ground i strap it to my waist.
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By cannonite
#78956 Jonathan: Rhydon and Arcanine where destroying the opponents. Rhydon becoming near invulnerable crashed through the defenses and kept running down the hall with me after Austin. Arcanine Dance around the room firing of flamethrowers and easily catches up to us. We then catch up with Austin
By Waterboyr
#78965 "... Hello?"

(So I have an idea. I'll be training in desert and next time you are being attacked, running away, or going to the final battle make it at the desert so I'll be like hey guys. Wait why is Team Rocket here wait what's going on?)
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By cannonite
#78970 Jonathan: We finally get out of the mansion Rockets on our tail Austin you have a Lapras right? Cause we need to get off the island send it out and lets go for a ride. I return Rhydon and have Arcanine Torch mansion entrance once Riley and Ditto get out. Lets go to the... Desert they'll never look for us there!