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By cannonite
#80375 Dratini: *Shivers* I was raised to believe legendary pokemon while powerful are the great destroyers the War of the Sea Land and Sky the Time and Space war. All the legends depict legendary pokemon as destructive monsters!
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By killthepast
#80381 some legendarys are keen on protecting nature and it beings, me, manaphy, celebi, jirachi, victini and shaymin are natures protecters, others are creaters of destruction
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By killthepast
#80749 *fearow tattempts to use drill peck on caterpie, i block it*

Myuu: No you don't! *i block*

*uses Thunderbolt*

Myuu: huh!? when did i learn that?

*fearow flys back*

*uses Aura sphere*

Myuu: This is odd!

*fearow comes back again*

*uses metrenome, becomes splash*

Myuu: WHAT!? Come on i'm not even trying to use these moves!

*uses psychic*

*fearow faints*