By Waterboyr
#77700 "Oh so don't worry about the frickin demon. Oh well one problem at a time. (We need a conflict we can't evolve yet...) Wait. Do you mean the cave that is right at the end of the beach. This beach the one that ground, mountain and CAVE pokemon just destroyed?"

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By killthepast
#77787 *myuu* ...why did they attack me, they know im...*

*gets hit by a salamence*

Ow :(
Ow :(
OW >:(
Salamence: sorry? are you a mew?
Myuu: yea? why
*everything goes black and i fall to the ground on top of dratini*
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By Rzxa
#77801 Rzxa application:

Nickname (not necessary) Pyroka
Personality:Good , Don't need help, Do anything to kill enemies, Betrays other when needed,Smart,pretends to act Nice, and kind, and Hopeless , and act like a little kid but it has moves that no other litwick can have
Accessories/description: Shiny
Moves:Fire Blast Only
Life before the story:Unknown
How they are getting/got to the beach:Just there
By Waterboyr
#78087 I blasts the right wing with an Electro Web and normal string.
"His left wing seemed a little weak and your more powerful. I then estimated that he'd fall and your close up attack would do lots of damage. It would try to fly away but my attacks took out it's stronger wing enough to not be able to fly because f it's other wing. Normally m attack wouldn't have been enough. Smart always wins instead of brute force!"