By Waterboyr
#77704 Okay so here it is.

In a region called Lettuceboykombatbreonxa... (great name right?)
Before Professor Oak even started making the pokdex...
(6 trainers max)

There is one boy (or possibly girl) who is ready to get their first pokemon.
They can choose from six at Professor Oak's new lab.

(In final stages fairy, steel, and fighting will balance each other like water, grass, and fire)
Ralts -You have to evolve into Gardevoir)

Appearance (optional):
Do think X and Y will be great or good or okay and etc.?

Just a normal boy who has no pokemon and is new to the region and was staying with an uncle for the summer. He heard that Professor Oak would give Pokémon to people that proved they were worthy or earned it so the whole summer he assisted Oak and then got his pokemon (no pokedex he hasn't completed it yet). Oak wanted to study Pokémon bonds and other things so he asked him to keep a journal and record everything that happened. His parents agreed to letting him stay for as long as he needed to complete his journey.

Rules: I will tell you if you do something I don't like.

By Waterboyr
#77929 So I have the right to bump because I edited the first post.
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By cannonite
#77934 Name: Jack
Pokemon: Machop
Story: Normal kid who has always wanted a pokemon and is very excited to get one! He has recently moved from Cerulean in Kanto and is Psyched to get his pokemon and is ready for adventure.
Appearance: (My usual but I'll say it anyway) T shirt, jeans, Red converse, Jean Jacket, Messy brown hair
Other: Soda addict, Also loves Cake.
X and Y: Will be good i think but I'll wait and see.
By Waterboyr
#77939 (X and Y answer is good. I like it your realistic everyone I know says it WILL be the best lol. I thin it will good but with so many new things it could turn out to be really weird and too different or just plain terrible. But accepted and you can start)
By Lettucecow
#77942 App
Name: Brick
Pokémon: Tepig
Story: His father worked in the army [there IS an army in pokemon world becuase lt.surge mentions it in fire red and leaf green] He is a natural born cadet, always willing to help, but totally cowardly.
Appearance (optional): Black hair in a crew cut, wears dogtags, camo tank top, camo shorts, army boots.
Other: Hates being made fun of. He is afraid of bug and ghost pokemon.
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By cannonite
#77945 Jack: As I walk up to Professor Oak's new lab I can barely contain my excitement today was finally the day I would get a pokemon. I walk in and see six pokemon on the table Squirtle, Turtwig and,Tepig I then notice Ralts, Beldum and then I see the one I want the Machop on the table next to Beldum I instantly knew he would be my partner.
By Waterboyr
#78078 (Accepted Lettucecow)"PROFESSOR!"
I run into the lab with a look of terror on my face.
"The town is under attack!"
(This will be like a hardcore roleplay. The criminal team will be strong not weak.)
"it's all on fire and the police are getting cornered to the lab! It's Team Satan!"
Suddenly loud booms come form outside.
There are tow Satan grunts that come into the lab and one captain. The captain throws a chandelere at Oak and Oak throws out a kangashan.
The grunts come at us.
"Squirtle go!"
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By cannonite
#78083 Jonathan: I stand there confused what the heck? The Machop jumps off the table and walks over to me handing me its pokeball. Thanks do you know whats going on? Machop shrugs and points to the door. Well lets see then shall we? We walk out the door to find the town in a state of chaos.
By Waterboyr
#78086 "Squirtle tail whip!"
"Zubat Supersonic!"
"Geodude use rock throw!"
"Squirtle use rapid spin to dodge both attacks and retaliate!"
Squirtle knocks over Geodude after dodging the attacks and defeats Zubat.
"Now use bubble on Geodude!"
Geodude falls defeated.
"Good job Squirt... Do you like that name? Heh lets go help Professor!
Professor is battling hard but needs some help.
"Squirtle Rapid Spin!"
Squirtle hits Chandelure and stuns it for it was not expecting it.
Professor than says, "Dizzy Punch!"
"Chandelure use Smog!"
The smog hits our pokemon and poisons them and the misty poison sops the Dizzy Punch.
"Now Hex!"
"No Squirt!"
Squirt is defeated and the battle continues on.
Eventually Kangashan wins but I notice the grunts took something and ran off and the captain n=is gone when I look back at the battle.