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By Reinen
#83889 Name: Reinen
Pokemon: Squirtle (If I Could, i want Pancham)
Story:A Louse (Asian Race) Kid Always Would be working on a pokeball he had made out of a toy and made his own using the wedges and Clips, He Had Lived near a pond where shelldar's squirtles and sugar canes called their own territory.His Father owned a Pancham named Panokk it had Been Reinen's best friend until the day came... He Became a Pokemon Trainer!
Appearence: Red Trench coat with 2 pockets on the bottem of each side, a Dragon Logo Teal belt and White Goku Uniform (DragonBall Z) Black and white adidas High tops.Crazy Black Hair like pokemon trainer Green.
Pokemon x & y would be pretty good with the new stuff and the cool pokemon

Yeah Im That Cool

By Waterboyr
#83893 No you have to choose between the pokemon I listed but accepted
By 1Charak2
#95480 Name Shade
Pokemon turtwig (no one has chosen him yet)
Story A Kid Who Has always Had a Fascination With Pokemon and seems to know alot about them (without a pokedex) As he Knows alot about them He can speak to them (yep a bit Like N i don't have to have this though) and hates it When pokemon are Abused for their power.
Apperance Red shirt With a white tshirt underneath Slight Freyed trousers from working with firetypes Brown hair that hangs slightly over his face (like the short hair appearance in x and y)
Pokemon X and y: would be a roloplay due to the new features