By Lettucecow
#81693 )sorry I went on vacation XD)
By Waterboyr
#81696 (SO POST! EVERY TIME I say something like that you say sorry or I won't do that next time and you don't finish your posts by continuing roleplay AGH!!!)
By Lettucecow
#81837 Ew......Um....okay got it You need some bandages and a bucket.....
By Waterboyr
#81978 "OH NO IT'S HORRIBLE! I forgot my pokemon and you don't have- juuuuuussssttttt kiiiddding. HAH! Okay sorry I needed to brighten the mood after everyone just died, burned alive, put to exile, lost pokemon, lost everything, got crushed, jumped off buildings, electrocuted, including family, drowned... But don't dwell on it and the 100 more worse ways they died!"
By Lettucecow
#81991 .......Well aren't you just a ray of sunshine cadet? What do we do now?
By Waterboyr
#81994 "AGH I DON"T KNOW! Well... I think we need to find professor's plans. I think that's how they did this. If they make more of his inventions or his pokemon encyclopedia they could completely dominate and will be impossible to stop and Oak can't help. Lets rest for now... We are pretty far from the city... We are on a mountain top (a small one like basically no snow not like a big one more of a forest one with bare landscape near top with fields of flowers which yes they are like that I hiked one). So we should make shelter here first."

(IMPORTANT NOTICE: We should divide and conquer like be separated and then come together at end of story but no all finding each other unless your alone. No one may find me and Lettuce. Starting... NOW!)
By Lettucecow
#82156 Alright then cadet.[I pull out a folded up tent from my backpack] More comfertable then the cave floor right? A soldier always comes prepared!
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By MinerKombat1557
#82232 well, im going back to johto for a trip, to get some pokemon!

*a while later*

Plane: *breaks down*

Mecha: Oh Crud...

*lands neat New Bark town*

Mecha: that wasnt fun! i lost my lunch!! *barfs*

Elm: What happened?

Mecha: well, i was coming to see gold, he is a friend of mine after all, and im trying to catch some pokemon

Elm: we havnt had a trainer wanting a pokemon in a while, you can Have These pokemon, i hear your friends would like one of these

Mecha: do u have a Phone i could use? ill take....

Choices: Cyndaquil, Oshawott, Treecko

*rings brick*
By Lettucecow
#82303 (I pick up my phone) Hmm? Who is it? Oh..that freaky mecha I mean that nice mecha guy! STarter pokemon? Oshawott would be nice!