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By killthepast
#82316 Ok Brick, you got it! (hangs up)

alright so water (forgot char name) gets treecko, right elm?

Elm: ok, just fine with me

*starters are lvl 21, too keep up with us*

Team Update!: Cyndaquil Lvl 21, Metang lvl 27, Pikachu Lvl 25

*puts oshawott and cyndaquil into bag*

so how will i get back?

Elm: borrow my pidgeot, you can mail it back once ur done

*i fly back to where brick is*'

hey, i got you your oshawott

*puts pokeball on the floor outside of bricks tent*

By Lettucecow
#82348 Thanks!
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By cannonite
#82354 Jack: *About a mile outside the city machop and I watch as the city burns* machop I don't know where the others are but you and I are going to have to make it on our own.. Maybe we might find em one day but for now *I pull out a map and point to a small village* You and I are going to raid minor supply lines that run from this village to hear *points to a major Satan city* we take what we need and burn the rest. you gastly and pidgeotto should be able to handle their pokemon with ease they typically aren't well guarded cause no one is crazy enough to mess with team satan... Lets go then
*About a day and a half later in the bushes outside the supply roads*
Jack: Machop gastly hear that? That's the sound of our supply truck! *Truck drives down the road with a single grunt driving* Alright gastly hex the tires.
Gastly: *Smirks as its eyes light up with dark energy the tires explode we then exit the trees in view of the grunt
Grunt: Whoa! *Truck flips over and he gets out banged up pretty bad* I'll kill you for that! *picks up his only pokeball* Go - is cut off by Gastly's hex. Ah! *Falls over in pain*
Jack: Now i'll take that *Takes pokeball from grunt* Now how do we burn the supplies?
Grunt: You can't just take my pokemon you br ahhh! *Gets hexed again*
Jack: Shut up *Throws out pokemon and a magby pops out*
Magby: Mag?
Jack: Perfect your clearly new to the Satan operation not nearly vicious enough yet.*opens up the truck and pulls out some food and water* Magby consider yourself liberated from this waste of air! Now use ember on the rest of the supplies!
Magby: *Looks at me questioningly at first and then* MAG-BY! *Ember is surprisingly strong and sends the truck up in flames*
Jack: Now return everyone!
Team Update: Magby: Level 21 Moves: Ember, Confuse ray, Smokescreen, fire spin
By Waterboyr
#82372 (Miner don't be so cheap lol so I don't want you to have come to us just sent us stuff in trade instead of casually flying over a burned city after you crash a plane and then give us starter pokemon...)
"So we should conceal this cave... Make it a batcave because we can go to the city and surrounding areas and escape unseen. We need rocks to conceal it... So we'll need to get our pokemon out!"
"Snivy! (level 5) Squirtle! (level 28) Zubat! (level 26)"
I walk out of the cave and see it's dusk.
"There is still daylight left and it's not cold so we won't need a fi-"
*pile of snow falls and blizzard starts in 0.7 seconds.
*runs in cave and runs into snover
Snover: SNOVE (AH!)
Snover uses ice punch at me and zubat blocks its and uses leech life and bite.
"Now zubat use wig attack!"
Zubat attacks and snover charges and ice beam wearily.
"Pokeball go!"
The pokeballhits snover before he can attack and it clicks until he is captured.
I bring our snover who is hurt now and cold.
"Ah snover you need to rest we don't have healers or potions... Just the old fashion way sorry..."
By Lettucecow
#82425 what do we do now?
By Waterboyr
#82510 "Get more rocks? The blizzard will get worse soon it's calm right now but it's just a break. Don't be fooled by this winter wonderland now, it will turn into a nightmare soon. You get any fire, grass, or flying pokemon in the cave because they can't survive a blizzard and after the previous events they are in strange habitats to them. Me and my pokemon will get rocks and cover it up but make a secret passageway that only we can open. Now go!"
I run outside and grab rocks and give them to my pokemon. Me and snover carry the rocks and find them and hand them to squirtle and zubat who place them. We push big boulders even. Zubat uses sticky leech lifes to stick it together and squirtle makes sure he can't easily blast through the rocks.
Soon it looks like a craggy strange part of the mountain and you can't tell that it's a cave.
"Okay now make a temporary opening for everyone to get in and we'll close it for the storm. Then we will make a secret entrance. The pokemon will probably need to stay here! Snover feel the ground to see if there are any more! There's one left? Two left? ON THE EDGE YOU SAY!"
I run outside and see a bulbasaur happily walking not looking at the vulpix leaning over the edge.
I tackle bulbasaur and vulpix falls.
Bulbasaur grabs vulpix with his vines and we run into the cave and seal the entrance.
"Wait where's Nick?"
*blizzard starts
By Lettucecow
#82598 Oh no! It's starting!
By Waterboyr
By Lettucecow
#82909 Yeah..kinda...I was getting some wood! Um...I got it! Pignite go! Use brick break on the rock!!!!