By Waterboyr
#78801 My bubble blast every where and blocks the eyes so the others finish them off.
"Well... That was interesting..."
*walks away

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By cannonite
#78813 Jack: Well that was good experience. I'll be on my way then. I return pidgey and begin to walk to the next town over.
By Waterboyr
#78823 "Hmm I need another pokemon... Okay this cave should do it..."
I walk to the entrance and a zubat flies in my face before i get in...
"AH Squirt use Bubble!"
The Zubat is knocked back.
"Now tackle!"
The zubat is hit and then falls down.
"Now pokeball, go!"
Click, click, click, click, ding.
"Yes I caught a zubat!"
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By cannonite
#78833 As I enter the next town I notice a Carnival tent that said win an awesome pokemon. I walked in and heard people say things like Awesome pokemon are you kidding! and What is this? As I walk to see what pokemon it is I see a magikarp. I decide I'll have a go and its one of those knock over the bottle things. I pay for three balls and throw each missing and Pay for another set. The other people say What is this idiot doing its a magikarp!! Not like its a Gyarados or something * No pokedex less knowledge on pokemon evolution I don't know what it evolves into either* I keep throwing until the third ball where I knock the bottles over. The man running the stand says. I'm not sure if this kid is stupid or somehow sees something in this dumb fish. He hands me magikarp and its pokeball. I gladly accept. And machop looks at me Doubtfully. I then say to machop there is something in every pokemon. I then decide to rest for the day and check into the local inn. I then bring out my pokemon feed them and fall asleep Pidgey uses the coat rack as a bird stand sleeping on that machop falls asleep in the chair and Magikarp sleeps at the edge of the bed.

Team update: Magikarp: level 10 moves Tackle, Splash
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By Rzxa
#78872 (Ok then no pokedex )
*Starts eating jellybeans*
"Ok I need to get a new pokemon but what pokemon"
*Sophia then sees a pokemon*
I think that's a Riolu
Ralts use confusion
Riolu hp goes to 1
Go pokeball
*catches riolu*
Pokemon update
Ralts level 8 , Riolu level 7
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By cannonite
#78886 Jack: I wake up to activity in my inn room. My pokemon were all shuffling about preparing for the day the readied my bag and pidgey fly's and takes my coat off the rack. I get up put my shoes on and we go and eat breakfast. Its then time to begin our days work of training. We go out to route two and PIdgey and Machop Begin training. They are easily being able to defeat the wild pokemon. Magikarp however struggled. With only splash and tackle I had little to work with. HOwever it then hit me. MAgikarp use splash to dodge! Magikarp then effectively dodges a pidgey. Now tackle! Magikarp defeats pidgey with a surprisingly powerful tackle. After that magikarp could train maybe not as easy as the other two but east enough. After a long hard day of training we go back to the inn eat dinner and fall asleep.
Team update
Machop: Level 18 Karate Chop, Low Kick, Tackle, Foresight
Pidgey: Level 16: Tackle, Gust, Quick attack, Sand attack
Magikarp: Level 16: Tackle, Splash
By Lettucecow
#78925 Huh whats that rustling in the bushes? (tepig comes out of the bushes with a meditite) Oh! Thats a meditate right? (tepig comes over to my side) Lets do this soldier! Ingage combat! Use tackle! ( the meditate blocks it with protect) Now soldier! Use ember! (the ember scorches the meditate and it falls down) Now! (I throw the pokeball and...shake,!) Yes I caught a meditiate!

party update

Tepig- lvl 12
meditate- lvl 11
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By Rzxa
#78945 While training in the grass I heard a whistle
Somehow I want to find where the whistle comes from
So I run Into the cave I think where the whistle is coming from
Pokemon Update
Ralts level 14
Riolu level 12
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By cannonite
#78961 Jack: My training was was coming along well Magikarp was especially psyched I could tell something was different after the major training we did. As he seemed to have a blue scale in his sea of red scales. Wonder what that means. I dont get a chance to think on it as a Team Satan member comes out demanding my pokemon then the battle begins.
Grunt: Poocheyana tackle! Magikarp splash to dodge and tackle! Magikarp much stronger than before easily follows my commands> And the poocheyana and Magikarp fight with tackle until surprisingly Magikarp wins. Then the grunt sends out a Mighteyana who Magikarp couldnt take on and is knocked out. Alright pidgey! Use quick attack! Bite mighteyana! Now gust pidgey! After a long fight of gusts bites tackles and a few potions mighteyana is defeated but pidgey is exhausted but after the battle with a pokemon a few levels higher. Pidgey evolves into Pidgeotto And the grunt retreats.
Team update: Pidgeotto Level 18: Moves Gust, Peck, QUick attack, Tackle
Magikarp: Level 17: Moves: Tackle,Splash