By Waterboyr
#78971 *at town pokemart
(No gym at this town)
*cough *cough
I stand in the rubble knocked out and my pokemon are trying to wake me up.
THe Satan members swarm everywhere.
They grab me and drag me away.
People battle everywhere.
The sky is filled with smoke and buildings collapse.
I glance at a T.V. as I'm dragged away and...
The region is being attacked.
And every other town is under their control.

*One year later
(Max pokemon levels twenty no evolving them yet)
The sky stays gray.
It storms everyday in the summer and spring and snows everyday in the winter and fall.
Every place was turned into a depressing old industrial London-like place.
Satan has complete control. Pokemon battling is illegal. Evolving is illegal.
Training is illegal. The elite four is evil. The gym leaders were arrested. Legendaries no longer exists except mew who hasn't been seen for years.
Everyone expects Ho-Oh to return and bring happiness back into the world. But I know that will never happen.
Me and the other trainers from Oak's lab and a dozen other trainers gathered a secret society and with a remaining gym leader in hiding. We fight grunts in alleys and take their pokemon. Which are all weaker than ours and we give them to citizens afterward.
But we can't do any real damage.
No one smiles.
No one laughs.
No one cries very much.
No one feels joy.

In the basement of Oak's apartment building...
"OAK! OAK! Look what I found! A grunt had a piece of your pokedex research. They have the blueprints scattered around the ranks!"

Oak looks up with a short burst of joy but it immediately goes away.
He says, "Just a single blueprint will do no good. Go and train after you wash up and set that paper down.

I do as he ask and shut thee door and when Oak goes upstairs and I'm in a big underground triangle room made up of smaller triangle rooms I sigh.
It has a water room, grass room, and etc.
One for each type.
And a normal battle field in the center.
And the water room is fun to swim in.
We let the few pokemon we catch that survive somehow and the many pokemon we get from grunts out here unless we find them a good and suitable owner.
I crawl up in a ball and watch the others battle in the water room.
It's literally just a lap pool.
I frown and just look down.
Squirtle curls up on my lap and I sit criss cross. Squirtle lawns and positions himself like a growlithe does.
Zubat rest nest to him on my lap too.

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By cannonite
#78984 * Meanwhile in the centeral city of the region*
I was running my coat tails flapping in the wind. Hah i think back to the time when I wore my favorite Jean jacket instead of this ah good times. I had long since gotten rid of it I now wore an old knee length brown cotton coat. My hair and face smeared with dust and dirt
the Satan members hot on my tail one gets to close so instead of having a pokemon do it I simply trip him. I ran until I lost them and sunk into my hiding hole with my four pokemon. ( Team update) Machop squatting next to me looks with a face of question. Yeah machop I got the food shop lifting is hard when your a fugitive though. I smile as I feed my pokemon. I then fall back remembering to how this awfullness started.
Machop: level 20
Magikarp: Level 18
Pidgeotto: Level 18
Gastly: Level 18: Moves Night Shade, Hex, Confuse ray, Hypnosis
By Waterboyr
#78994 (NO EVOLVING!)
"STOP! Army dude where is everyone else? Did they come back? They didn't come back from the mission? ..."
I then realize the grim truth.
It's us three trainers and Professor Oak against nearly half the region.
(AND WE AREN'T IN KANTO gosh guys read! I need to put every important message in caps...)
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By cannonite
#79021 (I know no evolving Pidgy evolved before that rule was put in place go back to the last page and you will find that out and I know we aren't in kanto)

I new it was time to leave this spot where we were hidden. SO I pack up put my pokemon in there pokeballs and head out discreetly sneaking out of the city I then begin to walk to where ever really doesn't matter to me I just walk until I'm going through the woods and I bump into that trainer with the Squirtle from a year ago. As well as several other trainers.
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By killthepast
#79077 App
Name: Mecha
Pokémon: Beldum (can it be shiny?)
Story: is a genus with computers and loves steel types, is part robot with 2 arms to store pokeballs
Appearance (optional): (copy and paste this) file:///C:/Users/Paul/Pictures/mytrainer.jpg
Other: g,jl;u,k
Do think X and Y will be great or good or okay and etc.? amazing!
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By Rzxa
#79085 The satan members had taken over the region
Ihad been hiding I'm remember the time when I went to the cave before the satan members taken over the region
"Hmm this place seems scary"
*eats jellybeans*
Hmm who is that pokemon
I seen a mysterious Pokemon in the cave
Maybe I can use you for my training
Riolu use Quick attack at the pokemon
Riolu uses quick attack
Mysterious pokemon Tackles riolu
Riolu hp goes to 5
Riolu! You gotta win
*suddenly Riolu evolves*
A Lucario
Mysterious pokemon uses Physhic
Lucario faints
It can't be I need to tell the proffesor
About this
*goes to the town *
But when I went to the town the satan members already invaded it
"I need to hide"
*goes back to reality *
So now here I am the satan members taken over the region and I'm still in hiding
(Doesn't count it was before the law was made)
By Lettucecow
#79134 (I'm hiding in a cave because I got separated from the group) I hope they don't find me...... (I hear a crash) Gah! Enemy troops invading! Tactical retreat! (I run farther into the cavern)

Party update
pignite lvl 23
medicham lvl 22 (before law was made)
By Waterboyr
#79173 (DUDE we aren't in the woods! -_-)
Okay I'll just pretend I'm with Lettuce after I did my other stuff
I run after him and hurdled over a rock as it explodes.
They fling Voltorbs everywhere and there are hundreds of explosions.

The cave pokemon flee.

We come to a dead end and turn facing our opponents.
"There are too many... Don't you have a grenade or something?"