By Lettucecow
#79888 Stop calling me "army guy"! The names BRICK!
By Waterboyr
#79912 "Whatever Rick."
*red lights flash
"That's never a good sign! Last time it was when we had no change and the pizza guy was here!"
I run into the lab and Oak is frantically grabbing things and runs out of the door.
I run upstairs and outside into the dark "daylight" which isn't any different than night except warmer.
And everyone is running around in the streets.
Screaming pushing pulling.
There is literally no room and people just get crushed.
An endless mob of people running on every street.
They are running toward us.
I suddenly see a skyscraper fall in the distance.
"Oh my god..."
And I suddenly see Satan members in the distance. They are attacking anything that moves. Children fall down and people grab them back up. Pokémon fly away and are must faster. The people try to keep up with them but all wild pokemon are definitely gone now. And that's what they wanted. And more. I see a giant group of blue people in the distance barely visible it's so far away. And then they explode.
The crowd suddenly storms me grabbing pushing shoving. Biting. Screaming. Punching. Helping. Crying. Sprinting.
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By killthepast
#79958 *beldum just pops out of hi spokeball and rams straight into a satan member*


Satan Members: There they are after them!

Mecha: Beldum Return! *refuses*

*i need to evolve beldum, he only has 5 moves he can learn, and compared to you all thats kinda weak*
By Lettucecow
#80082 My names not RICK! Um...nevermind...Looks like we have more important things to do...
By Waterboyr
#80087 (Okay but only you can evolve)
I look through the crowd but get pushed down and trampled. People kick me step on my throat and are frantic. I push people away and get up and run away from everything without looking back.
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By killthepast
#80133 *Suddenly, i see a flash of light, the satan members looked shocked*

Metang: METANG!

*metang uses psychic, sending 2 grunt backwards*

*they drop some sort of tablet, i read the incription*

Disturb not the harmony of fire, ice, or lightning, lest these titans wreak destruction upon the world in which they clash. Though the water's great guardian shall arise to quell the fighting, alone its song will fail, and thus the earth shall turn to ash. O Chosen One, into thine hands bring together all three. Their treasures combined tame the beast of the sea. (something to do with lugia and the legendary birds, however, they don't come in until after the elite four, it will only be fair*

(btw it will stay metang untill you say i can evolve it again, probaley forever)

TEAM UPDATE!: Metang lvl 31: moves: Psychic, Iron Defense, Take Down, Flash Cannon (hasn't mastered flash cannon and it always misses)

*a satan member comes at me with a magmar*

Magmar Use Fire Spin!

Metang Use Iron Defense!

Magmar Use Fire Blast *it misses*

Metang use Flash Cannon! *it misses completely*


*metang uses psychic on magmar and sent him flying back into the satan members pokeball*
By Lettucecow
#80221 We got enemy troops invading! Engage war! Go soldiers! (I send pignite and medicham out) Get him! (the satan members send out charizard and gabite)
Pignite! Use take down! (pignite tackles the charizard but it uses dragon claw knocking pignite back) Don't give in cadet! Use brick break!
(it ko's charizard) Heh! Gabite get him! (the gabite uses stone edge and ko's pignite) Medicham! Use focus punch! (it hits gabite and ko's it) 2 enemies despatched!

Pignite lvl 32: Moves- Take down, brick break, flamethrower, body slam
Medicham lvl 31 MOves- Ice punch, Focus punch, psychic, Hi jump Kick
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By cannonite
#80230 Jack:* Puts on coat and sees the battle* This outta be fun wouldn't you say gastly? Besides the point *I non chalauntly wave my hand* hex those satan members over there. Gastly with a ghostly smile on his face his Eyes begin to glow with dark energy instead of firing it at them the energy simply appears around the Satan members and wounds them. Now lets go shall we? We try to get through the crowd to the others but this mob is just to big and were pushed back. Hmm this is a predicament.
(How did we go from early twenties to BAM early 30's? and isn't evolving banned?*)
By Waterboyr
#80234 (YEAH guys only miner could evolve beldum and max lvl 23)
Suddenly a skyscraper falls just a block away.
Debris flies through the air striking people down in every direction. Dush and ashes come towards us like a tidal wave.
People run faster. Screams get louder. Explosions fill the air. A few bodies are seen. As I see the smoke coming straight at us like a wave about to crash, I scream, "LOO-"
The ashes and debris and dust and smoke engulf us. It's like a blizzard except worse. I can't see anything and my cloths are flying off my and feel like they will fly away. I cover my face as my Pokémon are forced to return to my pokeballs. Explosions are still seen but are foggy like and distant. I can't see anything besides the explosions and my hands. Not even my shoes. People just push me and cry out and it is chaos. I can't see people as they kick me, I can only hear and feel. I scream. Someone grabs me. I jab them in the side and run. I suddenly run into um what's his name Rick? I grab his hand and run.
"WE *cough (My voice sounds quiet but I'm yelling) HAVE TO *choke *cough fit LEAVE THE OTHERS! WE DON'T HAVE TIME! HURRY!"
Ithen run and know the others can't possibly find us.
The ground suddenly gives way and I know a skyscraper fell again but in front of us this time. Everyone just starts running the other way. Since we can't see to go around or over the scrapers... We are trapped. But we can't be trapped. I keep running and never run into a skyscraper. But this time it's different. Not only does the ground shake it seems to lurch. Like I'm running on a street that is moving like an ocean wave. I fly up and before I would hit the ground it's like it comes to me.
I hit the ground and I am immediately trampled again.
"Rick... ARE YOU THERE? Help..."