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By cannonite
#81318 Raikou's thoughts: The more I attack the bigger he grows hes leeching off me I have to get out of hear!
Raikou: No more ! *Runs over to heracross using my teeth I throw him onto my back and leap down the mountain path running from the huge spectre.*

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By killthepast
#81330 *watching gengar*

its about time someone shut him up!

*jumps out of the area i was hiding and become attack form and uses psycho boost*

*after your attack*

*transforms into defense*

fyi i am one of the strongest pokemon
By Waterboyr
#81382 *grows bigger
*Sends a shadowball the size of a house at him
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By killthepast
#81454 *transforms into defese, barely scrates*

you might wanna rethink that...

*my spirit enters a nearby magikarp, and due to all the power, the worlds first gyarados*

Deoxys: gyarados, raikou, lets combine our attacks and cut him down to size!

*uses psycho boost

*gyarados uses hydro pump*
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By cannonite
#81501 Raikou: *Finally gets back to the woods* Well were here I'll be off I suggest you do the same. *Runs off transforming into that lightning like state as I run*
#82008 Pokémon- Celebi
Name- Gaia
Other- None

As the fighting is going on, a tree is smashed to woodchips, and the grass is scorched by lightning. A light appears out of nowhere, pulsating and green. Suddenly, a small green head with antennae and big eyes emerges, followed by a small body, and slightly clumsy feet. I am the Celebi. As another tree is shattered, I wince. my beautiful forest! I see that the fighters are killing my beautiful forest! *I power up and use Ancient Power* Rocks fly in all directions an hit everyone. "Don't. Ever. Touch. My Forest. AGAIN!"
By Waterboyr
#82013 accepted
*behind celebei normal size
*whispers in ear "It was the gyarados and raikou..."
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By cannonite
#82025 Raikou: *Rocks fly at me* Ugh never easy is it!? *Lets loose a thunderbolt shattering the rocks but the collision and the energy sparks a forest fire*