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By killthepast
#82037 Oh, fudge cakes

*uses Psycho boost on the fire to put it out*

yup, your right, it never is

Celebi, stahp

*rock hits me so hard that i fall to the ground*

Deoxys THATS IT! IM PISSED! *uses psycho boost full power on celebi*

deoxys:... *body vanishes, orb falls to the ground*

*my inner self flys out*

Deoxys: im dead now, thanks alot celebi

#82132 Celebi: *uses leaf storm, fire is put out by rushing leaves* *looks at Gengar* well, you look creepy, but I guess i could use your help. Why are you all fighting? Stop. Stop! STOP! *Makes vine titan like in Celibi movie, smashes everyone but Gengar, holding them down* Okay, you all have some explaining to do. Lets all just calm down. If you don't cooperate, I'll use Perish Song.
By Waterboyr
#82378 Jakester I said what you could be read the first posts. Hipster accepted.
"Celebei don't worry keep them under control. They are chaos! YOU MUST STOP THEM HEHE!"
#82511 Celebi: *looks at Gengar* Okay, I've had it with your creepiness. Stop. *Uses perish song then healbell, but only on self* If you dont stop fighting, you'll ALL die.
By Waterboyr
#82559 (IDEA! We all make the forest anew and it starts the world. The world is made from the forest it is the only thing in the world besides flatlands with no plants or terrain. WE represent something like me chaos, celebei the creator or peacekeeper, and there has to be a balance between all of our powers always. And what we do represents what will go on in the world. When we fight, I then future nations fight. Time passes but we don't age. How about it guys?)
By Waterboyr
#82614 Die? We can't die. Because your here which required the power I got from raikou's fighting and heracross's and yours.
We can't die now. Heheh. Try. We can faint. Arceus told me all... He told me and clefairy things... But clefairy hasn't come yet. Which means I hold the secrets to creating a world... So you if you don't do what I say it might destroy the world... And vice versa. You decide.
#82785 Okay, fine, you'll faint if you don't stop fighting. Pleeeaaase go do it somewhere else at least? I want some peace and quiet.